WWE Stars Congratulate Cody Rhodes, Shelton Benjamin Mentions Rumors (Video), Wrestle Circus Tonight

- Shelton Benjamin will be facing Amanuel Hassan at the June 30th Great North Wrestling event at the Pembroke Memorial Center. Benjamin cut the promo above for the match, and mentioned rumors of him returning to WWE.

"Everyone seems to be speculating on where the career of Shelton Benjamin is going," Benjamin said. "Well, with Amanuel Hassan, I'm going to take away a little bit of that speculation. On June 30th, Shelton Benjamin is coming to Great North Wrestling, and I'm coming for you Mr. Hassan!"

- Independent promotion WrestleCircus this week announced the launch of a new channel on social video platform Twitch in order to livestream their events. As Twitch continues to expand into new areas of emerging content, WrestleCircus represents the platform's first foray into wrestling. The first WrestleCircus event being streamed on Twitch will be tonight's "Dive Hard With A Vengeance" at 800 Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas.

"It's no secret that recent changes at one of the other major platforms have made it difficult for independent wrestling promotions to monetize their content," said Al Lenhart, Owner of WrestleCircus. "By moving over to Twitch, it is a major step into uncharted and exciting territory that allows us to reach a global audience and monetize in both traditional and creative ways, without the hurdles we've experienced in the past."

"We frequently look to our community to guide us toward the content they want to see on our platform," said Eric Brunner, Sports Partnerships Lead, Twitch. "In the case of WrestleCircus, they had been looking for a livestreaming platform where they could effectively monetize their content and help the broader wrestling scene, and it was members of our community who rallied them on social media to consider using Twitch. Since WrestleCircus has the same passion for their fans and talent that we do for ours, it's really cool seeing them lead the charge with this new vertical."

Tickets for the event are sold out, however the stream will be available to anyone absolutely free of charge at Twitch.tv/WrestleCircus.

- Several wrestlers took to Twitter to congratulate Cody Rhodes for winning the ROH World Championship at Best In The World on Friday night, including his brother Goldust, as seen below:


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