YouTube Personality Goes After WWE Fans Over Fallout From Her Dolph Ziggler Rant

YouTube personality Trisha Paytas has another video online following her tirade aimed at Dolph Ziggler for flaking on a scheduled date between the two of them. In the latest video, titled "WWE Fans Suck!," Paytas focuses on the fallout she received from the original posting.

She read some of the comments directed at her on social media and went on to explain that she isn't a "ring rat" because she "hates wrestling" because it's "stupid" and "boring." Paytas stated that every wrestler she's been with from WWE has found her, Dolph followed her [on social media] and that she's been with a lot that were married and she didn't even know. She commented there were a lot of "douchebags."

Paytas went back to Instagram and read highly critical comments directed at her over her tirade against Ziggler and for saying professional wrestling is fake. She justified the "fake" comment by saying it's not an insult to say something is fake and pointed to various "fake" parts of her body such as her breasts, botox, lips and more.

"You guys do realize, like, all your little WWE heroes like want to fk me. I'm a crazy b-tch and they still want to fk me," Paytas stated.

She alleged she got several direct messages from wrestlers after the Ziggler video. While not naming any names, she alleged messages came from wrestlers that were married and unmarried.

Paytas commented that WWE fans can't spell and said she can take any of the wrestlers. She said her issue with Ziggler was him cancelling 10 minutes before they were scheduled to go out. Paytas blasted the critics for not being "educated properly" and commented how she barely finished high school.

"All I can say is wrestling is fake, ya'll. And that's OK. Movies are fake. My body is fake but people still enjoy it. There is nothing wrong with it being fake," Paytas explained. "I'm just on some little rant and ya'll taking it to the extreme for people that don't care about you. WWE is all about making money. Do you see any of the wrestlers sitting one-on-one, talking with their followers?"

Paytas said she was appreciative of the people that followed her so she talks to them one-on-one. She said Dolph Ziggler isn't a real person; there is a real person that you do not know.

Paytas asked for a little more thought on the criticism directed towards her and commented about doing a video without makeup. She said she wanted to give the attention back to the people that wanted it and read from some direct messages.

Trisha stated it was embarrassing to WWE that their fans were threatening her over someone they don't even know. She stated this wasn't news and didn't need to be covered. Paytas said she had respect for wrestling and know what it's about because she wrestled before herself.

As Raj warned, if you must, you can watch the full rant in the video above. Please note that it contains a lot of strong language.

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