YouTube Personality Rips Into Dolph Ziggler For Flaking On A Date, Says He's Leaving Wrestling Soon

YouTube personality Trisha Paytas went on a tirade on Dolph Ziggler last night after Ziggler allegedly flaked on a scheduled date. Paytas, who has 2.7 million subscribers, started the video by calling Ziggler "a f--ckboy who should be a man" and revealed that they hooked up a year ago. She went back and forth between calling it her best one night stand ever to saying that it must not have been good because she doesn't remember it.

"I don't really remember much of it, so when I say it was the best sex ever, I was f--king high and on drugs, so was it really even?" she pondered. "If I can't even remember it, then it wasn't the best sex ever."

Paytas referred to Ziggler as "barely a celebrity" and said that they had been communicating regularly over the past few months. She said that Ziggler texted her a week ago saying that he was going to be in town and wanted to meet up for drinks this past Thursday. That day, he texted her and said that he wanted to meet at 10:30, but it couldn't be too late of an evening because he had to wake up early. Paytas told Ziggler not to flake because she was cancelling a date for him. He told her that he couldn't put out tonight, and she said that it was fine, noting that while "she loves sex," she "doesn't have that much of it" because she's very picky.

"I just had my vagina cleaned this week, so I'm very, very picky on what goes inside of it and who goes inside of it," she explained. She added that she asked Ziggler where they should meet, and he didn't reply.

At around 10:10, Paytas texted Ziggler asking if he still wanted to meet. Ziggler replied, "I'm going to flake," adding, "I'm old." He said that he was still at the airport and his eyes were burning, and asked if they could reschedule for today which caused her to have a minor meltdown. Paytas later revealed that she had dated another wrestler in the past and had a similar experience.

"I don't know what it is about wrestlers, they have these big f--king heads," she said. "Wrestling's f--ing fake, but all the fans of this wrestling fake bullsh-t think it's real and think he's a god, and he starts thinking this sh-t too. That's what these wrestlers do."

She said that she texted Ziggler that she doubts he'd want to meet up today after the video she was going to make. Ziggler once again said that he could meet up today and apologized for "always flaking."

"As far as guys that I was into and like and think are good people, this guy was at the top of the list," Paytas said. "This guy was polite [and] respectful. He talked to me, checked in with me. [He was] so f--ing sweet. Let this be a lesson to all men. If this guy - f--king Dolph Ziggler - who is traditionally good looking, has a good job... even he's not worth it, girls. Don't let f--king someone disrespect your f--king time and it's bulls--t. He is not that hot. Honestly, I can't remember the sex so it must have not been that good, I was drunk as f--k."

Paytas finished her tirade by taking a shot at wrestling fans, apparently thinking that they don't know that it's scripted. She also added that Ziggler was leaving the business soon.

"For all of you wrestling fans, wrestling is f--king fake," she revealed. "This man is a 37-year-old man [and] not a God who is f--king leaving wrestling soon anyways."

If you must, you can watch the full rant in the video above. Please note that it contains a lot of strong language.

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