Altercation Between Bullet Club Members Kenny Omega And Cody After NJPW G1 Special (Video)

During last night's main event at NJPW's G1 Special, Kenny Omega came to ringside with a towel in hand. Cody did something similar to Omega (threatening to throw it in) during his match against Okada at Dominion in June. While Omega wouldn't throw the towel in himself, he wanted Cody's wife, Brandi Rhodes (who was at ringside), to do it instead. Once Cody caught on, he took the towel and threw it angrily at Omega.

After Cody lost to Okada, he went to the back to speak to the media with The Young Bucks. He instead called his manager over to answer any questions, Omega showed up shortly after. The Young Bucks wanted them to talk in private, but Omega started yelling at Cody. Although it's tough to hear exactly everything Cody mentioned Omega going sixty minutes as his reasoning for almost throwing in the towel at Dominion. Omega said Cody doesn't have enough experience in this business, which Cody took exception to and flipped over a table before walking away.

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