Baron Corbin Squashes Rumor About Helping Child, WWE Couple Breaks Up (Video), Mickie James Note

- Above is video of Cedric Alexander defeating Noam Dar on 205 Live. After the match, Dar took the mic and said that he quits Alicia Fox. He noted that he is the youngest member of the 205 Live and RAW rosters and that he used her to get attention. He said that she was more trouble than she's worth, and said that she means nothing to him. He left the ring as Fox cried in the corner.

- Mickie James will be appearing at Little Caesars this Friday located at 1576 N. Franklin St. in Christiansburg, VA 24073 from 1 - 3pm.

- As noted, Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Baron Corbin after last night's WWE SmackDown / 205 Live tapings. As seen in the video below, during the dark match segment, Corbin was seen holding a child and giving the fan his t-shirt. There were some reports stating that Corbin's good gesture was because he made the kid cry, but Corbin quickly squashed that saying that the kid was family and that he wasn't helping a random fan:


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