Beth Phoenix On The Most Overlooked WWE Star, Christian Calls Sting His Favorite Singles Opponent

Wrestling Inc. correspondent Scott H. recently attended the U.K. Comic Con. Below are highlights from the Q&A featuring Beth Phoenix and Christian:

* Christian talks about how great it is working on the podcast and being able to interview people like Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels.

* Beth is asked how Edge is doing. She said that he is great and loves being off the road but loves still being on TV with his various acting roles and doing his podcast with Christian.

* Christian is asked to sum up working with Edge in one word. He replies "Nightmare", before laughing and answering, "Awesome."

* Beth states that Natalya is the most overlooked talent in the women's division. She feels that Natalya doesn't get the respect she deserves considering she is so talented.

* Beth says that she doesn't want to return to the ring and that she is very happy with her life outside of the ring. If she had to choose an opponent it would be Charlotte Flair.

* Beth talks about how the Hall of Fame was just so much fun and that WWE did an unreal job of putting on WrestleMania week.

* Christian said that his favorite opponents as a tag team were the Hardyz, and noted that they all had a natural chemistry that just worked so well together. His favorite singles opponent was Sting.

Below is a photo of Beth and Christian at the event:

Beth Phoenix and Christian at a recent Comic Con in the U.K. Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Scott H.

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