Current "WWE Great Balls Of Fire" Odds: Who Is Favored To Win Reigns Vs. Strowman, Lesnar Vs. Joe?

Our friends at Bet Wrestling sent us the following:

Early odds for this Sunday's Great Balls of Fire have been set by European bookmakers and early projections show all the champions except the Tag Champions retaining. However, most of these lines are very close and this goes for all matches on the card with one glaring exception. The exception is the Universal Championship match with Brock Lesnar heavily favored at -1667, which is about 94% chance of winning. Samoa Joe, the challenger, is a +700 underdog, so a $100 bet would yield $700 upon success. Conversely, it would take $1667 just to make $100 on Brock.

Alexa Bliss and The Miz are both projected to retain at -278, while Cesaro and Sheamus are slight underdogs at +125. In the case of Bliss, the obvious build it her vs Nia Jax for SummerSlam, so her walking out as champion is the most sensible outcome looking forward.

Bray Wyatt at -175 is favored to defeat Seth Rollins at this time and Big Cass is favored at -250 to beat Enzo in the first match of their feud. Keep in mind, these are the early odds and they can shift dramatically as well as flip completely in the other direction. Once these matches are offered in the global market, the major shifts start happening even more as more people are placing bets, which moves the line so sports books remain balanced.

WWE Universal Championship

Brock Lesnar(c) -1667 vs Samoa Joe +700

RAW Women's Championship

Alexa Bliss(c) -278 vs Sasha Banks +170

Intercontinental Championship

The Miz(c) -278 vs Dean Ambrose +170

RAW Tag Team Championship

Cesaro and Sheamus(c) +125 vs Matt and Jeff Hardy -189

Ambulance Match

Roman Reigns -137 vs Braun Strowman +100

Seth Rollins +125 vs Bray Wyatt -175

Enzo Amore +175 vs Big Cass -250


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