Daniel Bryan Reacts To WWE Calling Smacking Talk "Bewildering," Matt Cappotelli GoFundMe, Goldberg

- We've mentioned that WWE has been uploading lots of Goldberg videos to their YouTube channel over the past couple of months. They uploaded the video above of Goldberg defeating Lance Storm on the May 19, 2003 episode of RAW.

- As noted, WWE Tough Enough III winner Matt Cappotelli has brain cancer. A GoFundMe campaign was created to help Matt and his family pay for upcoming treatments. In just four days, almost $10K has been donated, and they're hoping to raise $500K total. You can help donate by clicking here.

- WWE posted an article on "the bewildering premiere" of Smacking Talk last night. While Daniel Bryan promised that the show would air live on TOUT, it had to settle on premiering on Twitter instead. Bryan commented on WWE acknowledging his show, which featured his "son" Chad Gable, as seen below:

In case you missed the first episode, which featured Bryan learning that Gable is his son, you can watch it below:


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