Deonna Purrazzo On Critiquing Pro Wrestling, WWE Mae Young Classic, ROH's Women Of Honor

Deonna Purrazzo spoke with the Orlando Sentinel on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Being at the Mae Young Classic:

"Everyone involved knew how special those shows were. It was a sisterhood these were people who had never met before that weekend, just heard about each other, but they had a common goal to knock it out of the park and they did. They did Mae Young proud and helped women's wrestling grow up."

ROH's Women of Honor Division:

"I never thought [Women of Honor] was something that was possible. I grew up watching WWE and wanting to be a Diva, but once I got into the business I was exposed to other companies. [ROH] put us at the forefront and let us write our own history for women in this company."

Critiquing pro wrestling:

"Wrestling can be whatever you want it to be. Wrestling is predetermined -- it's not based on fact, it's based on opinion. Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the NFL, because he was the best in his college, because he was the best in his high school. That's a fact -- the stats say so. But in wrestling, we can both watch WrestleMania III, and I can say the best match was Savage and Steamboat, you could say Hogan vs. Andre, and no one is wrong. How great is that?"

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Sources: Orlando Sentinel


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