Dixie Carter On TNA - WWE Fan Hypocrisy, Former TNA Agent Takes Shot At Jeff Jarrett, Moose (Video)

- In the video above, Moose talks about facing Marufuji on tonight's episode of Impact Wrestling. Moose noted that he was once in a tag match against Marufuji in Japan so he's familiar with him and knows how great he is. He said it will be a great clash of styles and he "can't wait to get it on."

- During yesterday's media conference call, Jeff Jarrett addressed the company firing Al Snow, Pat Kenney (f.k.a. Simon Diamond) and Shane Helms last month, who had been working for the company as agents. Jarrett said that their departures were for financial reasons because they had too many agents. Helms responded on Twitter, writing, "Jeff Jarrett would rather climb a tree to tell a lie than stay on the ground and tell the truth. #Carney"

- As noted, former TNA President Dixie Carter posted the photo below this week regarding her appearance on the WWE 24 Kurt Angle documentary. In the comments on the photo a fan wrote, "Epic moment For both Kurt and the wrestling business". A user responded, writing, "it's always epic when it happens on the E side. When it happens on the Impact side rassling fans say it's not epic."

Dixie replied, "kinda true"

Charles Maynard contributed to this article.


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