GFW Head Of Creative Dutch Mantell gave his thoughts on this past Sunday’s Slammiversary XV. You can watch the interview in the video above, below are some highlights courtesy of Wrestling Inc. reader Himanshu D:

Slammiversary thoughts:

“I thought it was great. I thought it was one of the best pay-per-views I’ve seen in a long, long time. And I’ve seen some great pay-per-views, but this one here was one of the… and I’m not tooting my own horn but if you think back when I first appeared on this program on Impact back in… I think it was late February-early March, I made a promise that we were going to make Impact great, and I think Slammiversary was a giant step in that direction. I’ve had comments on my Twitter feed from the UK and all over the United States saying it was probably one of the better pay-per-views of… not all time but it was one of the better pay-per-views in recent memory. And I gotta agree with them, because we worked hard on it and we went after the greatest talent available at that time and I think we succeeded in getting it.”

Dutch also commented on the returning Super X Cup that began this week on Impact:

“I just said it before, we set out to make Impact great and one of the first things I said, we needed to have a lot of emphasis on the X-Division because the X-Division and the Knockouts was what put the prior administration TNA, it put them over the hump a little bit and we did that better than any other company in existence. So one of my first things that I proposed was let’s get the greatest X-Division stars we can find, put them together under one roof, have a tournament, have almost a playoff system because I love playoff systems, and let’s see who is the greatest X-Division star in the world and we’re in the process of doing that now.”