Finn Balor Welcomes Top NJPW Star To The Club (Photo), Note On WWE TV Rights Renewal, Bella Body

- Above is a 4th of July themed "Bella Body" video to show fans how to workout their core. The Bella Twins YouTube channel is just about to surpass 748k subscribers.

- The Wall Street Journal ran an article on WWE's efforts to building a brand that will continue to grab advertisers' attention. The article states, "Around two-thirds of WWE's revenue is tied to TV rights fees, subscriptions and advertising, while the rest comes from selling live events tickets and products" and continues on about how WWE has a TV rights renewal coming in 2019.

- On this week's Raw, IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Kazuchika Okada, was backstage (which he has done in the past) and took a few photos with some of his friends in WWE. Below, Finn Balor looked to welcome him to the club.


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