Flashback Video: Matt Hardy Talks Brock Lesnar Wanting Hard Chairshots, Fighting For Real With Him

In the video above, Matt Hardy talked about his experiences working with Brock Lesnar when Lesnar first got to the WWE and after about a year with the company. During the Hardys feud with Lesnar, Matt spoke on how Brock wanted heavy chairshots from him and his brother, Jeff Hardy:

"I remember being the back and Brock saying, 'Okay now, whenever you come with the chairs, make sure you lay them in, I want to make sure they look good.' I was like, 'Don't worry. Are you sure?' He's like, 'Yeah lay them in, lay them in.' I said, 'Oh don't worry, I will.' So, I'm like that too man, I can get aggressive out there and I remember we blasted him with those two chairshots and I remember him just walking back and he had this look in his eye, where you can tell the guy is really f----- up. And I remember we got in the back and he's like 'Thank you' and I said 'Were those chairshots okay?' and he said 'Yeah, I think they were. Were they okay?' He really didn't remember anything."

Here are the chairshots Matt was referencing:

Matt talked about a year later on SmackDown when he whacked Brock in the back of the head (on accident, to avoid Brock's legit rib injury) and cutting him open badly. Afterwards, Brock came backstage infuriated by what happened and the two were scheduled to have a match later in the show. Matt had to go back out to the ring to have a match with Lesnar and thought he might have to fight for his life. About the initial chairshot, Matt said:

"When I came out, I was running as hard as I could and I swung that chair as hard as I could anyways, because I was going to lay into him. And I caught him with lip of the chair in the back of his head and I split his head open, there was a scar, it was brutal. ...I remember coming to the back and telling Shannon Moore, 'I f----- him up, he is not going to be happy' I gotta go twelve minutes with Brock Lesnar, I know he wants to kill me. I just remember him coming through Gorilla [Position] and he's like, 'What the f---?! What the f---, Matt!'"

Hardy said he apologized and was just trying to avoid the ribs, like Lesnar requested. For the match, Matt said Lesnar was stiff, but very safe, despite being angry. Below is a clip of the chairshot that cut Brock's head open and their match later in the night.


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