GFW Impact Spoilers For 7/20: Title Change, Marriage Proposal, Debut And More

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Lyne for sending in these results from tonight's Impact Wrestling taping in Orlando, which will air on July 20th.

Orlando Mayor, Buddy Dyer, opens the show declaring July 5th in Orlando, "Impact Wrestling Day". He sits ringside to be guest ring announcer for the first couple of matches.

Grado comes to the ring with Joseph Park and calls out Laurel Van Ness whom he asks out on a date. He's got visa problems and needs to leave the country imminently unless he can secure a green card via marriage. Kongo Kong interrupts and drags Van Ness to the back.

* Eli Drake, Chris Adonis & EC3 defeated Moose, Marafuji & Eddie Edwards

A retake of yesterday's segment involving Sienna, Karen Jarrett, and a bunch of Knockouts occurs. We're assuming the original take wasn't to producers liking. Recap: Sienna defeated Amber Nova in 10 secs. She calls out Karen Jarrett demanding Karen give her the respect she deserves. Allie runs in with a kendo stick and is followed by Laurel Van Ness, Rosemary, and Gail Kim. Brawl occurs. Karen declares a Last Knockout Standing match between Rosemary and Sienna for the Knockouts title.

Super X tournament:

Round 1: Tajiri Ishimori defeated Davey Richards
Round 2: Dezmond Xavier defeated Drago

Lashley cuts a promo in the ring. He explains that there was always a pecking order everywhere he went and guys earned their spot. Impact doesn't have a pecking order and allows newcomers to demand/receive a title shot on day one. He's there to instill order and calls out Bruce Pritchard ordering that Bruce declare him the next contender for the Impact/GFW title. Bruce comes out to the ramp followed by Tyrus. Before he can speak, Matt Sydal runs to the ring to talk to Lashley. A fight breaks out; Sydal stands tall.

* Last Knockout Standing match for the Knockouts Championship: Sienna defeated Rosemary after Rosemary fell off the apron and into a table after being distracted by KM.

* Trevor Lee cuts an in-ring promo wearing X Division belt. He's found the best wrestler in Mexico for his next bout to prove that he's a fighting champion. Mini-estrella wrestler, Octagoncinto, comes to the ring for an unsanctioned match. Trevor Lee wrestles the entire match with belt on before losing via count out. Sonjay Dutt comes out to retrieve his belt but Trevor runs.

Grado comes out in an orange tux alongside Joseph Park. He calls Laurel Van Ness to the ring and proposes marriage. Allie appears ringside to cheer on Grado but Braxton Sutter pulls her away. Kongo Kong comes to the ring before Laurel can answer and carries her away. Grado leaves distraught.

* El Hijo de Dos Caras defeated Mario Bokara in his Impact debut. Paige and Alberto watched from the side curtain.

* Trevor Lee comes to the ring for yet another match as "fighting X Division champion". His opponent is Mumbai Cat who is decked out in a Suicide-type bodysuit / mask but in green. A switcheroo occurs with a second Mumbai Cat after the first is knocked outside. The new Mumbai Cat pins Trevor Lee and then reveals himself to be Sonjay Dutt. Dutt challenges Lee to a ladder match at Destination X (Aug 17).

Eli Drake (with Chris Adonis) makes his way to the ring for a match against Eddie Edwards, who has been laid out backstage by Kongo Kong, still irate after the marriage proposal. No match occurs.

* Impact Grand Championship match: EC3 defeated Moose by split decision. 2 judges tied the combatants, the third gave it to EC3. New champion crowned!

* Gauntlet Match: El Patron d LAX, despite a ton of interference. Order of in-ring appearance: 1) Homicide (pinned within 20 secs) 2) Ortiz 3) Santana. LAX ultimately does a full-on attack; Dos Caras and El Hijo de Dos Caras run in for the assist. VOW finally appears to help clear the ring.


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