Taped at The 'Impact Zone' in Orlando, Florida

Impact begins with LAX at their clubhouse. They are playing cards and gambling. Konnan tells his crew that tonight, they are going to have the best hand on Impact because they are going to present to the world, the newest member of LAX before the night is over...... This is followed by a Slammiversary highlights package from this past Sunday. After the opening GFW Impact theme plays, We are inside the Impact Zone, Jeremy Borash intros the show, as the new Unified World Champion Alberto El Patron makes his way to the ring. Josh Mathews and Da Pope are also on commentary. Alberto makes his way to the ring, dressed in a suit with his legendary father Dos Caras and his brother by his side. A table has been set up inside the ring with a bottle of champagne on top of it. Mexican flags are hoisted on all six sides of the ring, as confetti falls from the top of the arena. Alberto addresses the crowd and says that this a celebration and that latins don't need a real reason to party. El Patron says that he has a reputation for throwing good parties.

- Courtesy of Pop TV, The opening five minutes of Impact can be seen in the video below.

Alberto introduces his brother and father to the crowd. Alberto then calls his father, the person who has inspired him the most in his life. Alberto then discusses his match with Lashley on Sunday. He thanks the fans for supporting him and giving him the strength to defeat Lashley. Alberto puts over Lashley and calls sunday the toughest challenge of his life and career. Alberto promises to be a fighting champion and says that he has an open challenge to anyone, from any company for his Unified Championship at any time. Bobby Lashley's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Lashley calls Alberto a huge egomaniac. Lashley says that when he was the champ, he never received any special celebrations. Lashley tells Alberto in Spanish to shut up. He then labels Alberto's victory over him as a fluke. Lashley then addresses Alberto's father and brother. He threatens them and says that a wall should be built around him, so that they can stay where they belong. Dos Caras steps up to Lashley and slaps him. Bobby just laughs him off and says that Alberto's dad hits harder than he does. Officials come out to break up Lashley and Alberto. Patron asks Lashley if he wants a fight tonight. Lashley accepts. So the world title rematch is made official for later in the evening.

A backstage segment from earlier in the day airs. It's a closed door meeting with Bruce Prichard at the head of the table. Mathews, Da Pope and Jeremy Borash are seated at the table and start bickering. Prichard cuts them off and says that the ruling he made in India still stands, if JB or Mathews get into any physical altercations, that they will be fired. Prichard threatens Da Pope with the same thing, Pope will be blamed and fired if JB or Mathews get into a physical altercation. Prichard leaves the meeting with his muscle Tyrus by his side.

An angle was shot backstage and aired after Impact of Karen Jarrett asking Bruce Prichard, why he missed Slammiversary. Prichard tells Karen that Jeff understands why he missed the show.

Sonjay Dutt (c) vs. Caleb Konley

"The Swole Mates" are shown at ringside prior to the match. They are reality tv bodybuilders who have a show set to debut soon on Pop TV..... Fast paced match between Dutt and Konley. Evenly contested in the first couple of minutes. Konley gets some momentum going on his side, when he sweeps out the legs of Dutt and starts delivering several leg strikes. He then clamps on a body scissors submission hold. Konley stays in control despite Sonjay's attempt at rallying. Caleb takes Dutt to the mat and applies an inverted chinlock. When Dutt breaks free, Konley connects with a sunset flip, that sends Dutt's head into the bottom turnbuckle. Sonjay finally starts to rally and connects with a pretty tornado DDT. Dutt then leaps three quarters of the ring with a cross body splash and pins Konley.

Sonjay Dutt defeats Caleb Konley by pinfall

After the match, Trevor Lee comes out and attacks Sonjay Dutt. He grabs the mic and announces himself as the new X Division Champion. Lee takes The X title and leaves ringside with it.

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage and she interviews VOW, Eddie Edwards and Grado. They are interviewed about their upcoming 8 man tag team match tonight. The team is supposed to represent the U.S. Grado is waving an American flag and says that even though, he is not American, he loves the country and can represent it. He compares himself to all things America and is happy to be back on Impact Wrestling.

Chris Adonis and Eli Drake make their way to the ring for the upcoming 8 man tag. They stare down the "Swole Mates", as the show heads to break......

Grado, V.O.W (Mayweather & Wilcox) and Eddie Edwards vs. Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, Fallah Bahh & Mario Bokara

Wilcox over powers Drake with a samoan drop at the outset. Mayweather is tagged in and throws Eli Drake halfway across the ring. Adonis tags himself in and he ends up being roughed up by the VOW. Bokara is in and he gets more of the same. Grado is tagged in and he goes through his usual comedy antics before being floored by Adonis. Fallah Bahh is in and he and Bokara hit a tandem bodyslam on Grado. Bokara and Bahh continue to double up on Grado but he eventually evades them and tags in Eddie Edwards. Eddie gets some momentum on his side before being hit with a cross body by Baah. Chaos ensues with all 8 men involved in the action. Drake takes out Grado, The VOW hits the M.O.A.B. on Drake, Edwards ends up winning the match for his team by hitting the Boston Knee party on Mario Bokara.

Eddie Edwards, Grado & V.O.W. defeat Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, Fallah Bahh & Mario Bokara

Joseph Park makes his way to the ring after the match. He goes over to Grado and presents him with legal papers. Grado is saddened by the news that Park has just given him. The crowd chants "No" without knowing what the bad news actually is. Park gestures that Grado has to leave... Grado is very unhappy and pouts as Park tries to console him.

Braxton Sutter w/Allie vs. Matt Sydal

Seesaw action back and forth in the opening moments of this one. Sutter shows a bit more of an aggressive streak than he usually does. Braxton gains the advantage and roughs up Sydal in the corner. Matt rallies with a nice looking transition into a leg lariat. Sutter gets back in control briefly with a side slam but Sydal grounds Braxton seconds later with a roundhouse kick. The move knocks Sutter down and Sydal capitalizes by going airborne and connecting with his signature shooting star press for the win.

Matt Sydal defeats Braxton Sutter by pinfall

Allie tries to console Sutter after the match. A frustrated Braxton brushes her off and tells her to leave the ring with him.

After the break, LAX is shown back at their clubhouse. Homicide asks Konnan about their new LAX member. Konnan says that they want to surprise everyone. He compares LAX to "that blue pill because they always stay hard".....

Jeremy Borash is in ring and he announces the 2017 Super X Cup. He then introduces the 8 participants, who will take part in the single elimination tournament. Among them are Davey Richards, Drago, Dezmond Xavier, Idris Abraham, Ishimori, ACH, Andrew Everett and Sammy Guevara. Borash then goes on to announce the first round matches with all 8 combatants inside the ring with The Super X trophy.

Round One of The Super X Cup will feature Sammy Guevara representing Cuba against AAA's Drago from Mexico. As well as ACH repping AAW out of Chicago against Impact Wrestling's Andrew Everett. Also scheduled in round one are, Pro Wrestling Noah's Ishimori facing off against Impact's Davey Richards and GFW's Idris Abraham against Impact's Desmond Xavier. The latter match will take place next and a profile video for both men airs.

First Round Match
Dezmond Xavier vs. Idris Abraham

Xavier's quickness and agility is on display early on. Abraham manages to thwart his momentum with a drop kick in mid-air. Idris then lands a suicide dive. Moments later, Abraham suplexes Xavier into a corner turnbuckle. The show goes to break with Abraham in control.... When Impact returns, Abraham is still in control but he struggles to put Dezmond away. Dezmond battles back with some nice rapid fire combo moves on Abraham. Both men trade running strikes and Abraham nails Xavier with a basement drop kick. Xavier rallies with a superkick that sends Abraham head first into the corner turnbuckle. Dezmond then hits a majestic looking twisting corkscrew splash onto Abraham and pins him for the victory.

Dezmond Xavier defeats Idris Abraham to advance to the semifinal round of The Super X Cup tournament

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Gail Kim. Mitchell asks Kim about her major announcement next week. Kim says that she planned to make the announcement before she suffered a major injury. Kim says that she still has to iron out some things before she can make the announcement official.

A quick profile video on Pro Wrestling NOAH's Naomichi Marufjui airs before the next commercial break. Highlights are shown from his Slammiversary match with Robert Flores doing the commentary.

When the show returns, Dezmond Xavier is backstage. He is asked about his first round victory in The Super X Cup tournament. He names his finisher "The Final Flash" and says that more victories are to come for him in the tournament.

Moose is now being interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell. He talks about his Grand Championship match with Marufuji next week on Impact. EC3 interrupts Moose and says that he deserves an Impact Grand Championship match more than Marufuji does, whom he labels as an outsider. Moose tells Carter to get back in line and wait his turn.

Unified Women's Championship Match
Sienna w/KM vs. Rebel

Dave Penzer announces Sienna as the Undisputed Unified Knockouts and Global Force Wrestling Women's Champion. That's a mouthful..... Rebel barely gets any offense in this matchup. She is dominated by Sienna for the most part. Rebel does get a bit of a rally late with corner splashes and a handspring elbow. Rebel then steps on KM's hands on the apron, she then leaps onto KM. When Rebel is back in the ring, Sienna wraps Rebel in a modified guillotine choke. Rebel can't escape and is forced to tap out.

Sienna defeats Rebel by submission to retain The GFW Knockouts Championship

JB, Mathews and Da Pope reset the show at ringside. They preview next week's Impact and hype tonight's main event championship match between Alberto and Lashley.

Alberto El Patron (c) vs. Bobby Lashley

Josh Mathews mentions Paige on commentary. He says that Alberto's fiancé Paige was at ringside when he became the unified champion at Slammiversary.... The Impact title still says TNA on it for the time being.... Right on cue, Mathews announces that a brand new title will be presented in the coming weeks that will replace the GFW and Impact title belts....

Lashley and Alberto battle on the outside in the opening minute. Lashley tosses Alberto into the steel steps. Lashley stays in control and dominates Alberto for the next few minutes. The former champ grounds and pounds El Patron. Lashley ends up back flipping Alberto to the outside floor, as the show heads to it's final break... Lashley is still dominating the action when the show returns. Alberto tries to rally but ends up running into the ring post shoulder first. Lashley then nails Alberto with a flatliner. El Patron attempts another rally and builds up some momentum for the first time in the match. Alberto lands a back stabber and then a 619. Alberto then sets up for the "Si" kick but Lashley awkwardly counters it by lifting Alberto. After fumbling Patron momentarily, Lashley power bombs Alberto and covers him for a near fall. Lashley shows frustration and leaves an opening for Alberto briefly but Bobby closes the window quickly with a spine buster. Bobby sets up for a spear but Alberto counters with a sharp elbow in the corner. This is followed up by a double foot stomp by Alberto for a near fall. The same move, he used to defeat Lashley Sunday.

Alberto then sets up for his cross arm breaker but Lashley floats him over and connects with a swinging neck breaker. Lashley charges at Alberto repeatedly in the corner and then sets him up in the tree of woe. Lashley signals that he is going to attempt Alberto's signature double foot stomp. Lashley takes his sweet time getting to the top and it enables Alberto to throw him off. When Alberto tries to leap towards Lashley, the former champ spears him in mid-air. Lashley gets Patron up on his shoulders and hits the dominator. He then sets up for the spear. LAX shows up and distracts him. Santana leaps off the ropes and Lashley catches him. LAX then jumps Lashley and the bell is called for.

Lashley defeats Alberto El Patron by disqualification

LAX roughs up Lashley after the bell. Konnan takes the mic and calls this a cracker company. Konnan announces that Alberto El Patron is the newest member of The Latin American Xchange. LAX lifts up a groggy Alberto and raises his hand. Alberto falls to the mat and is picked up again. They carry Alberto out of the ring and up the ramp way, as Impact comes to an end.