Hardys Drop Several "Broken" References On WWE RAW (Video), Goldberg Appearance At Wrestling Event

- The Hardy Boyz dropped more "broken" references than usual during last night's RAW. As seen in the video above, which WWE titled "Have The Hardy Boyz become 'obsolete'?", Jeff said that "maybe we should just fade away and classify ourselves as obsolete," while Matt said that he was out there "to make a proclamation" that the Hardys were not going anywhere. After Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson came out to challenge the Hardys to a match, Matt said that they accepted despite being "a little stitched up, a little bruised and somewhat broken."

As noted, Hardy has been in a legal battle since leaving TNA over the "Broken" gimmick and he appeared to hint last week that he was close to a settlement with Anthem.

- Maryland Championship Wrestling announced on Twitter that former WWE Universal Champion Goldberg is scheduled to appear at their "2nd Annual Tribute To The Legends" show scheduled for September 30th, as seen below:


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