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– On the pre-show, Allie, Braxton Sutter and Mahabali Shera defeated Laurel Van Ness, KM and Kongo Kong.

– Earlier today we see Lashley entering the arena with King Mo. Alberto El Patron enters looking confident. Opening package for Slammiversary with footage of past stars including AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Bully Ray.

– Don West and Robert Flores are welcomed to the broadcast as we see some of the Presidents of the partners that Impact will be working with tonight from NOAH, AAA, and others.

The Latin American Xchange (Ortiz and Santana) (c) vs. El Hijo del Fantasma and Drago vs. Laredo Kid and Garza Jr. vs. Naomichi Marufuji and Taiji Ishimuri (4-Way Impact Wrestling World/GWF Tag Team Championship Unification Match)

Santana and Marufuji kick things off, back and forth attacks, Homicide on the outside amping up his fellow LAX members. Massive back and forth chops, Marufuji with some redirection lands kick to the head and a drop kick. In comes Laredo, springboard splash into the ring, reverse neckbreaker. In comes Ishimuri to take on Laredo, but Ortiz gets in there to slow things down a bit with a few power moves, death valley driver, pin, two-count. Garza Jr. jumps in gets some momentum early on, but takes a hurricanrana by Ortiz. Garza Jr. yanks off the tear-away pants, but Drago superkicks him out of the ring. Fantasma tilt-a-whirl backbreaker as they work on Sanatana. Drago and Fantasma are taking out everyone together. Superkick on a distracted Fantasma by Santana.

LAX taking control of this match, street sweeper double team move, they cover for a pin, but it gets broken up by Garza. Multiple guys stacked up on each other and they all come tumbling down, pin, two-count. Drago/Fantasma go to work on Marufuji, Drago goes up to the top and ends up slipping off the turnbuckle, crashing to the mat. Fantasma gets in a dropkick and a tornado DDT, very close pin, but only a two-count. Three guys up on the top rope and triple moonsaults! Marufuji breaks up the pin attempt, then dives to the outside on Santana. Ishimuri with a dive over the top rope, landing on his feet. Turning spinning piledriver by Fantasma, Marufuji breaks up the pin attempt yet again. Fantasma with a suicide dive on Marufuji. LAX member into the ring and ends up getting tossed to the outside. Now Homicide is going to work on Garza Jr. on the apron, and throws him back in. Santana tries to get the win and Drago breaks it up. Drago off the top rope with Santana, pin, 2-count. Ortiz now in the ring and Sanatana with a double team move on Laredo to get the 1-2-3.

Winners: LAX via Pinfall to retain the GWF/Impact World Tag Team Championship

– Post-match, Konnan says they will be adding a new member to LAX.

– Backstage, Joseph Park tells Jeremy Borash that their upcoming match will now be a “No DQ” match. Borash was not happy at all with that, but Park calmed him down.

– Earlier today, Robert Flores catches up with DeAngelo Williams about how he feels about tonight’s match. Williams says he’s feeling a little nervous, but he’s not going to let Moose down. Moose says they got a couple things up their sleeves tonight.

DeAngelo Williams and Moose (with Gary Barnidge) vs. Chris Adonis and Eli Drake

Starting off is Adonis and Moose. Flores just called Adonis, “Chris Masters” a few times now. Drake and Williams face off, headlock by Drake, Williams escapes and gets put down almost instantly. Williams flips away by Drake, pinning combination, 2-count, right into an arm drag, and tags back Moose in. Williams with a running cannonball into the corner on Drake. Nice showing thus far for Williams. Adonis gets Moose down, Drake goes for a high flying move, but ends up slipping off the ropes. That’s two people tonight who have fallen. Moose tries to get back into this one as Adonis chops away at his chest.

Williams wants in as Moose is struggling, in comes Williams with a big shoulder tackle, chop, and a Samoan drop. Standing moonsault by Williams! What?! Moose gets back in to the match, running senton by Moose, by Williams, and then by both guys! Williams dumps both guys out of the ring and Moose with a corkscrew off the second rope. Williams and Moose bring out a table. Drake and Adonis get some control again as they go to work on Moose in the ring. They set up the table in the ring with Moose down and Williams on the outside. Moose lays out Adonis and puts him on the table. Frog splash by Williams, who overshoots it a bit, doesn’t break the table. He goes for the pin though and gets the win for his team.

Winners: Moose and DeAngelo Williams via Pinfall

– Post-match Williams and Moose weren’t happy with the win (or just really needed to put someone through a table) and attacked Drake and Adonis. They brought Drake back, and Moose powerbombed him though the table.

– Backstage with ECIII, he says Storm has been a foundation for Impact and that is why ECIII has targeted him. He says he will win.

Ethan Carter III vs. James Storm (Strap Match)

One strap is tied to both wrestlers’ wrist and Storm starts punching away almost immediately. Storms has whacked ECIII a good eight or ten times with that strap already. Action spills to the outside, Storm picks up and dumps ECIII on the apron with (dare I say) impact! ECIII gets back in the ring and ends up choking Storm along the bottom rope. You can see the welts already all over ECIII’s body. Action back in the ring, Storm is being simply choked out, but he tries to work his way back to his feet. ECIII now gets in a few whacks of his own. Storm doesn’t seem to be bothered, which confusing his opponent mightily. Cutter by Storm, he goes up top and gets yanked right off to the middle of the ring. ECIII goes to the outside, gets some handcuffs, and puts the key around his neck.

Storm is able to trick his way out of getting handcuffed and instead locks his opponent in the corner. He hits ECIII 32 times with that strap, his back is all beat up now. The ref is nice enough to unlock ECIII after getting completely destroyed. One percenter by Storm, but only a two-count. ECIII manages to get out of the strap and yanks Storm face first into the ring post. ECIII then puts it back on and hits his finisher, but Storm kicks out at 2.5! The announcers are blown away he was able to kick out of that. Massive slap and superkick by Storm, but he just suddenly falls down to the mat. Announcers say it’s from when he was pulled hard into the ring post. The ref is talking to ECIII and apparently was telling him to just pin the guy. ECIII shoves the ref and gets in one last move before winning the match. Kind of abrupt and wierd, but medical staff come in to tend to Storm.

Winner: Ethan Carter III via Pinfall

– Backstage, Karen Jarrett and Dutch Mantel talk.

– Back to the ring, Storm is able to be helped out of the ring. He’s still sitting on the steps as Pope heads out to the announce table.

Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park vs. Josh Mathews and Scott Steiner (No DQ)

Mathews and Park start off, Mathews uses some speed to move around Park. He goes for a big running splash and bounces off Park, crowd laughs at him. Park with some big shoulder tackles that flatten Mathews. In comes Borash and out goes Mathews! Borash doesn’t looked so thrilled to face Steiner and quickly tags out. Steiner with some punches, elbow drop, and Park goes to the outside. Mathews went to the top rope and jumped to the floor taking a hard bump on Park’s shoulder. Steiner tears a piece of barricade away and throws it at the retreating Borash and Park.

We are now backstage (which is pre-recorded footage) as Borash says “I’m out of here, f this!” Steiner yells for Mathews to get in the golf cart and they chase after the other team. Borash and Park sprayed them with fire extinguishers. The duo then hijacks a guy and Steiner keeps yelling “fat a–es.” Mathews chases after Borash to a pool and ends up back body dropping Mathews into the pool. Then Borash does a front flip into the pool! The two are fighting underwater now. We go to Steiner who is just hammering away at Park until he throws him into a container. While in the pool, Shark Boy appears! Borash and Mathews run away from the pool. Back to a recovering Park who sees his old manager, James Mitchell, who has an Abyss mask in hand.

Action comes back to the ring as Mathews and Steiner look to have control of Borash. Out comes Shark Boy who provides a short distraction before Steiner suplexes him a few times. Out comes James Mitchell to Abyss’ music, already in the ring is Abyss who lays out both Josh and Scott. Abyss gets a bag of tacks and Mathews tries to push Abyss into them. Black hole slam, Mathews right on the tacks. Borash goes to the top rope and does rough frog splash on Mathews and also gets a handful of tacks in his hands, ouch. Abyss gets the pin.

Winners: Joseph Park/Abyss and Jeremy Borash via Pinfall

– Backstage, Alberto El Patron talks about his upcoming match against Lashley and his father being at ringside

Alisha Edwards and Eddie Edwards vs. Angelina Love and Davey Richards (Full Metal Mayhem match)

Both Edwards attack before Love and Richards can even make it to the ring. Alisha with a jump off the top rope to the floor on both opponents. There’s tables, chairs, a garbage can, a kendo stick, and ladders all over the place. It’s been pretty much chaos from the start. Weapons being used by everyone early on. Both women are out as Eddie and Davey go after each other. Both Edwards have garbage can lids as they whack their opponents over and over. A garbage can is put over both Love and Richards’ heads and double kendo stick hits to the can. Eddie powerbombs Alisha on Richards, but he kicks out at two.

Eddie goes for a powerbomb again, Love whacks him with a kendo stick a few times. Richards with a suplex on Eddie into a chair. A cup of tacks is poured into Eddie’s mouth by Love! Then Richards kicks him in the face. Pin attempt, Alisha is able to break it up. Davey gets two lowblows from Alisha. The bridge of Love’s nose is now bleeding as Eddie sets Davey on the table in the ring and climbs a nearby ladder. Love catches Eddie, but gets powerbombed into another angled table by Alisha. Richards headbutts Eddie at the top of the ladder. Eddie floats over and hits a powerbomb off the ladder through the table below, and gets the 1-2-3.

Winners Eddie and Alisha Edwards via Pinfall

Sonjay Dutt (c) vs. Low-Ki (2-out-3 Falls X-Division Championship)

Pretty much a standoff early on. Low Ki goes for early pin attempt, 2-count, goes right for armbar submission. Dutt gets to the rope and they get back to their feet. No one has been able to get much momentum at all, very even split with offense. Crowd is very split on this match. Tornado DDT by Dutt, goes for a moonsault and lands kind of on his feet. Low-Ki with a sick low dropkick that sends Dutt across the ring. Low-Ki up top, but Dutt stuns him with an attack. Both men on the top rope and down they come, Low-Ki hits Warrior’s Way for the first pinfall.

Low-Ki is up 1-0

Dutt is having a tough time getting up after the pin and the ref begins a ten count. He then dumps Low-Ki out of the ring. Dutt was just playing possum. Back in the ring, Low-Ki goes for another Warrior’s Way, but ends up tweaking his ankle, Dutt looks to take advantage. Low-Ki really selling the ankle as the ref steps in to check on him. Low Ki drags the ref straight into Dutt, and lands a nice springboard kick. Some tricks by Low-Ki! He goes for another Warrior’s Way on the steps, misses, ankle hurting more. Dutt jumps in the ring and dives over the top rope, nailing his opponent. Crowd was initially into this match, but has lost some steam. Dutt has Low-Ki in the middle of the ring with a leg submission, monkey flip, Low-Ki rebounds off the top ropes, Warrior’s Way hits! He can’t gets up though. Dutt was able to counter and got a pin of his own.

Tied up 1-1

Low-Ki loses the jacket and after tweaking his hand, one of the gloves has come off. Looks like Dutt spit in his face and Low-Ki punches him in the face to put him down. Ref starts his 10-count and Dutt gets up in time. Big elbows by Dutt. Low-Ki with a spinning kick and goes for a pin, 2-count. Chops back and forth, two big kicks by Dutt who sets Low-Ki up to the top rope. Low-Ki counters slipping under and putting Dutt in the tree of woe. Low-Ki tried for double stomp gets flipped off and down to the mat. Dutt with a moonsault double stomp to his opponent’s stomach and Dutt gets the win!

Winner: Sonjay Dutt retains the X-Division Championship via Pinfall (2-1)

– Gail Kim comes to ringside for this match.

Rosemary (Impact) vs. Sienna (GFW) (Unification match for the Impact Wrestling Knockouts and GFW Women’s Championships)

Before things can really get going, Laurel Van Ness comes to the ring. Laurel starts hanging on the rope for fun and Sienna ends up getting throw right at her and out to the floor. Sienna send Laurel to the back and Rosemary jumps from the top rope to the floor. Back in the ring, Rosemary keeps the momentum going until a release German suplex slows her down. Sienna locks in a arm submission and even tries to bite at Rosemary’s fingers. Crowd is mildly booing her, but very much behind Rosemary in this one.

Sienna continues to taunt the crowd, but it costs her as Rosemary dodges out of a charging Sienna. Rosemary sets her up on the top rope and Rosemary gets elbowed in a tree of woe. She reaches up and yanks Sienna back like a release suplex. Rosemary up to with a missile dropkick followed up with a lot of yelling. Another suplex by the Impact champion. Rosemary with a big kick, pin, 2-count, both women seem pretty tired at this point in the match. Silencer by Sienna and Rosemary kicks out! Red Wedding by Rosemary, but Laurel returns to help out. Allie runs down with a kendo stick to chase off Laurel. Sienna hits Rosemary with the title as the ref is distract and Rosemary is still able to kick out! “Rosemary” chant rings out from the crowd. Rosemary goes for the mist, Sienna covers it and gets the mist on her hand. Sienna then put the mist in Rosemary’s eyes (It’s okay in her mouth, but not in her eyes?) Submission by Sienna gets the tap out.

Winner: Sienna is the Unified GFW/Impact Women’s Champion via Submission

– In the ring, Borash introduces Jeff Jarrett who thanks the fans for supporting the company over the past 15 years. He keeps it short so we can get to the main event, he tells both wrestlers to bring it, because he’ll be watching.

Lashley (Impact) (with King Mo) vs. Alberto El Patrón (GFW) (with Dos Caras) – (Unification match for the Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight and GFW Global Championships)

Lashley with a suplex and Alberto lands his own in return. Kicks and punches are traded for both guys. Alberto sent Lashley to the outside, goes for a dive and Lashley catches him in mid-air. Lashley hits Alberto’s head into the announce table over and over. Lashley stares over at Dos Caras. King Mo gets in an attack on Alberto and Dos Caras gives him a chop! Lashley picks up Alberto and slams him down on the steps. Action gets back to the ring, Lashley drops Alberto, goes for a pin, only a two-count. Lashley strangles Alberto against the bottom rope, then heads to the top rope. Alberto throws his leg off the turnbuckle and heads up to the top for a very nice superplex. Both men are down and out those and the ref starts his 10-count.

Both get up, Lashley charges, misses in the corner, Alberto with some kicks to the gut. He climbs up and multiple punches to Lashley’s head before getting a running body slam. Pin and 2-count is all Lashley can get. He picks Alberto, sits him on the top rope, but Alberto gets an armbreaker on the ropes, having to break it by the count of 5. Backstabber by Alberto, pin attempt, 2-count. Suicide dive by Alberto, but nobody home and he looked to hit past the black mat, hitting the floor. Lashley tosses him back in the ring and taunts a bit before going back to work in the corner. He rushes in and Alberto gets an elbow, tornado DDT, rolling armbreaker in the middle of the ring! He’s pulling hard and Lashley has nowhere to go. Lashley manages to turn around and lifts Alberto up and slams him back down. Pin and 2!

Both up to the top rope, Super Death Valley Driver by Lashley! Only a 2-count, King Mo grabs a chair on the outside, as Lashley just slaps away at Alberto. Lashley then goes and taunts Dos Caras. Armbreak and kick to the head out of nowhere by Alberto and he can’t get the three. Lashley is dazed, gets double stomped in the corner. Action spilled to the outside, King Mo and Alberto get into a bit of a shoving match, Alberto heads back into the ring only to get put into his own move, the armbreaker! He’s standing back up and stomps Lashley to finally break the hold. Spear by Lashley! 2.9! That one was close.

King Mo and Dos Caras go at it, lowblow by Dos Caras, Lashley sees what happened and whacks Dos Caras. Lashley is now distracted as he continues to yell from the apron. Lashley gets held up from the second rope. Alberto with a double stomp from the top rope and is able to finally get a three count!

Winner: Alberto El Patron unifies the GFW/Impact World Championships via Pinfall

– Post-Match Jeff Jarrett, his family, and some of the other wrestlers come out and clap for Alberto, who celebrates in the ring. The group from the stage come to the ring to help cheer on Alberto’s big win.