Jeff Jarrett Explains Decision To Re-Brand Impact Wrestling As GFW

Jeff Jarrett was a guest on Wednesday's episode of Busted Open with Dave Lagreca and Larry Dallas where he discussed the rebranding of Global Force Wrestling.

"Obviously we've had our ups and downs and in-betweens between myself ? not just professionally ? but personally with Impact," said Jarrett. "And then, you know, I launched Global Force Wrestling and it's so ironic how things have come together."

Jeff Jarrett co-founded Total Nonstop Action Wrestling with his father Jerry in 2002. They ended up selling the company to Panda Energy later that year, with Jeff staying on as a minority owner.

"In the early days it was TNA and the name of the television show was Impact," Jarrett continued. "And then it got into early 2010-2011 it was called Impact Wrestling and where does TNA stand? So I'll be the first one to say it was a bit of confusion as far as the brand. And as an older promoter once said, 'If you confuse them, you lose them.' That old saying goes a long way."

Earlier this year, TNA was purchased by Anthem Sports & Entertainment and Dixie Carter resigned as Chairwoman after 14 years at the helm. Jarrett later returned and has now merged the company he founded with his 2015 upstart Global Force Wrestling.

"In one essence we're back to the way it was originally branded," said Jarrett. "The name of the television show that comes on Thursday nights on Pop TV and Friday nights on Spike TV in the United Kingdom, Friday nights on Sony 6 on India. The name of the television show is Impact and now the name of the brand, as you stated, is GFW. So we're really excited. We realize it's not going to happen overnight. You know, the confusion didn't happen overnight so the re-brand is not going to happen overnight but we're heading in that direction."

Jarrett stated the buzz at this past Sunday's Slammiversary pay-per-view was one of excitement, comparing it to the company's glory days.

"I can't state enough just the buzz in the building Sunday night almost felt ? I hate to, I'm not one to look back in the rearview mirror ? but in essence, you know, we'll call it the glory days of TNA, it really, really felt good on Sunday night," said Jarrett. "The Impact Zone so to speak was rocking, it was off the charts; they seemed to really enjoy the show that went down the 15th anniversary show of Slammiversary on Sunday night."

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