Jeremy Borash On How Scott Steiner Was Backstage, If We'll See Him Again In GFW owner Raj Giri was recently on a conference call with Jeremy Borash of Global Force Wrestling and asked him what it was like working with Scott Steiner at Slammiverary given how long Steiner has been out of action and if he could see Steiner wrestling for GFW again.

"I've known Scott Steiner for years," said Jeremy Borash. "Going back to WCW. If I hadn't known Scott Steiner for years, I would have been petrified with the whole situation. You know back in WCW you know, when I talk about the chaos that was there and kind of the real hostile work environment, he was a big part of that."

Scott Steiner worked for WCW in 1989-1992 before returning in 1996. He and his brother Rick worked as a tag team before Scott dramatically changed his look, with increased muscle mass, bleached blonde hair and a goatee. The new-look Steiner feuded with Buff Bagwell and eventually his brother.

"If you saw [Steiner] walking down the hall, I would usually just walk the other way. I'd do a complete 180 and just find another hallway to go down to," said Borash. "When we toured together, I toured with him several times across Australia, across the UK. We would go on tour buses, he would commandeer the entire back - maybe quarter of the bus. And he would spread out there and you just didn't go there. It was like the animal cage. He gets the respect because most people fear him."

Steiner worked for WWE in 1992-1994 before returning in 2002-2004. He's also had notable runs in GFW (as TNA from 2006-2010, 2011-2012) before working Slammiversary earlier this month.

"If you knew him long enough and if he likes you or at least tolerates you, you can work with him," revealed Borash. "And luckily, over the course of time, we've had a good relationship. So working with him was an absolutely pleasure, believe it or not, he contributed an enormous amount to that match, in terms of creativity."

JB and Joseph Park defeated Josh Mathews and Scott Steiner in a No Disqualification Match at Slammiversary XV.

"So you know, again with Scott, you're not going to get that with him and everybody but if he likes you and he can do business, he's a lot of fun and can be a very creative input source," said JB. "So he was great. To me, he's one of those guys tomorrow you could give him a Web show where he rants on something and I'd watch it."

Borash said Steiner is "almost like a modern day Iron Sheik" because you never know what he's going to say but you know it's going to be crazy. He reiterated Steiner was a "great treat to work with" and he "definitely" believes we're going to see him again.


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