Kenny King On TNA Pay Issues, TNA Blaming MVP For Signing A Wrestler Under Contract, ROH Vs. TNA

As noted, ROH wrestler and Bachelorette contestant Kenny King was the special guest on the latest episode of Sean Waltman's X-Pac 12360. You can watch his appearance in the video above or download the podcast version on iTunes.

Below are more highlights from the episode:

The difference between working for Impact and Ring of Honor:

"I get my damn check on time bro. Getting paid on time is a huge advantage and difference. That and also the culture at ROH. It's always been we're just going to blow this s--t up. And it doesn't matter who's there. Whether it's AJ (Styles), or the Briscoes (Briscoe Brothers), or Roddy (Roderick Strong) or everybody. It's a team mentality. And everybody wants to put their best effort on each card to make each show the best. I'm not saying it wasn't like that at Impact but it's very much like that at ROH."

MVP being fired by TNA for pushing to bring in Hernandez and later finding out he was still under contract to Lucha Underground:

"How is that it was MVP's fault in any way, shape, or form? He is talent. He recommends a talent. You got all these lawyers and you got all these people that work in Panda (Panda Electric - Former Owner of Impact) and the office for this sort of thing. You mean nobody thought it would be a good idea to check? It's standard operating procedure nowadays in pro wrestling to say, 'Let me see your non-compete? When's your non-compete up?' This is just how wrestling works in the twenty-first century."

King Mentions His Mother Beating Cancer:

"There is no trace of cancer anywhere in her the body. She is completely recovered from her chemo. She's stronger than I've seen her in a long time."


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