Kevin Owens Reacts To Seth Rollins On WWE 2K18 Cover, Brock Lesnar, Kairi Hojo Explains Gimmick

- Above, Kevin Owens reacts to Seth Rollins getting the WWE 2K18 cover. Owens said he's not upset, because 2K just made a mistake (and did so, last year), and when they see the light he will be on the next cover, "2KO."

- WWE latest poll asks fans: "Who has the better chance of beating Brock Lesnar?" As of this writing, Roman Reigns (57 percent) leads Samoa Joe (43 percent).

- Kairi Hojo (now known as Kairi Sane) gave her new fans a quick explanation of where she's from and why she thinks she's a pirate. WWE has confirmed Sane would be included in the Mae Young Classic.


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