Kofi Kingston Realizes His Rap Battle Mistake (Video), New Day Celebrates, Fans On James Ellsworth

- Above, The New Day talk about their victory in the rap battle against The Usos on last night's episode of SmackDown. Xavier spoke about how the Usos are hot heads and didn't stick to the rules, in particular, about not getting physical.

- WWE's latest poll asked: "Will James Ellsworth be able to abide by the rules of his 30-day suspension?" As of this writing, "No. Ellsworth is a lose cannon" is leading with 70 percent of the vote over "Yes. He would not do anything to risk Carmella being stripped of the MITB contract."

- After saying a line about the sides of a stop sign, Kofi Kingston now realized he mixed up Octagon (eight sides) and Hexagon (six sides). Via his Instagram, he posted a video looking it up:


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