Lucha Underground Recap (7/12): Round 2 Of The Cueto Cup Begins, Muertes Vs. London, Marty Vs. Fenix

Video Courtesy Of Lucha Underground

Season 3 Episode #26 "A Fenix to a Flame"
Filmed From 'The Temple' In Boyle Heights, Los Angeles,California

Here is the synopsis for tonight's show:
The Cueto Cup's second round begins; Marty The Moth battles Fenix; Brenda pays a visit to Texano.

The show opens with a video teaser for tonight. Several storylines are covered in the video. From Famous B's recruitment of Texano to Worldwide Underground's attacks on Sexy Star to the Santos-Fenix relationship and Marty The Moth's obsession with Melissa.

Matt Striker and Vampiro intro and hype the show from inside the Temple.

Taya vs. Jeremiah Crane

Taya stops a charging Crane and slaps him. This leads to Crane disposing of Taya to the outside and then hitting a brutal sliding forearm to her head. Crane then sits Taya on the wooden chairs at ringside. Crane then runs around the ring and hurls his entire body into Taya. Crane stays aggressive and attempts a power bomb on the floor but Taya escapes into the crowd. She lands some strikes on Crane and then performs a flying cross body out of the bleachers. When the action gets back inside the ring, Taya mounts Crane and nails him with hammer fists. Crane battles back and grounds Taya. He then runs full speed and goes to kick Taya in the head, but she lifts up her leg and strikes Crane down below. Taya fires up and goes on an offensive flurry.

The brutality continues with Crane winning a battle of strikes with Taya. When Crane socks Taya with a straight right hand, she somehow counters out of Crane's hands and she plants Crane head first into the mat. This leads to the first near fall of the match. Just when Taya appears to be on the verge of victory, Sexy Star arrives to ringside and distracts her. This gives Crane an opportunity to kick Taya in the head and then hit a buckle bomb for a false finish. Despite Taya's best efforts to rally, Jeremiah gets her up and hits the cranial contusion to secure the victory.

Jeremiah Crane defeats Taya to advance to the next round of The Cueto Cup Tournament

Crane has advanced to the final eight......After the match, Sexy Star makes her way into the ring. She gets revenge on Taya for costing her the chance to advance in The Cueto Cup by re-introducing the brass knucks Taya used against her. Star lays out Taya with the knucks, as the show heads to break.

When the show returns, Fenix is backstage at the temple training. He is approached by Aerostar. Aero wishes that he was still in The Cueto Cup but he is supporting Fenix and hopes to see him advance. The former Trios champs talk about their former partner Drago and how he betrayed them to join Kobra Moon. Aerostar can time travel and he's been away doing so..... Fenix has faith that Drago will come back around and rejoin them once again. Star assures Fenix that it won't happen because he has seen the future. As Aerostar is walking away, Fenix asks him if he will win tonight and advance in The Cueto Cup. Aero won't say but he gestures that it is iffy.

Mil Muertes vs. Paul London

London gets a "Mil's Going To Kill You" chant from the believers in the Temple. After London does his usual comedy antics with his gyrating during his entrance. When he gets in the ring, the match gets serious quickly as London tries to stick and move and even resorts to running around the ring. London gets caught and tries some silly strikes on Muertes but he gets cut down to the mat. Mil starts pounding away on London and busts open his nose. Muertes then flings London around the ring. London battles back with a spinning heel kick that grounds Muertes. London's rally is short lived as Muertes springs up and clubs away on him in the corner.

The fight goes to the outside as London tries desperately to turn the tables in the match. Mil throws London into the broadcast table at ringside. Moments later, London is surprisingly still alive. He strikes Muertes with several superkicks. London's rabbit tribe shows up to help him. London takes his eye off the ball and then almost loses one when Muertes clotheslines Paul out of his boots. When the action gets back inside, London is still fighting, he hits several kicks leading into a double foot stomp from the top. London charges at Muertes and gets caught and driven head first with a chokeslam for a near fall. The believers start to rally behind London. As Muertes tries to put away London, Saltador makes his way into the ring and gets floored by Muertes. Mala Suerte tries to intervene but gets more of the same. This however enables London to make one last rally. London grounds Muertes and hits two straight shooting star presses but Muertes kicks out. Mil eventually finishes off London with a spear, followed by the flatliner.

Mil Muertes defeats Paul London to advance to the next round of The Cueto Cup tournament

After the match, Catrina performs the lick of death on Paul London, to which the crowd chants "Lucky Bastard" at London. The Muertes victory sets up a match between him and Catrina's former lover Jeremiah Crane in the next round.

When the show returns from the break, Brenda is approaching Texano in a bar. She wants to drink with him. They take shots together. Brenda gets tipsy and says that she reveals the truth when she is drunk. She tells Texano that he is boring despite being a blue collar brawler and tough guy. Texano gets upset and breaks a beer bottle with his bare hands. He takes exception to Brenda's comment. Brenda gets him to calm down and says that all he needs is a women's touch. Off in the background is Famous B, he is miming reeling in Texano with a fish hook.

Back in The Temple, Marty The Moth has made his way to the ring with his sister Mariposa. He has a gift in his hand for Melissa. A yellow lunch box that reads Aztec Pride. After Melissa intros Marty, when she attempts to introduce Fenix. Marty pulls out food from his lunch box and shoves it into Melissa's mouth. She spits it back at him.

Marty 'The Moth' Martinez w/Mariposa vs. Fenix

Fenix gets a warm welcome from Melissa at ringside.... He defeated Marty's sister Mariposa in the opening round. The pace of the match picks up quickly and Marty surprisingly stays step for step with Fenix. When Fenix attempts to get a running start and dive onto Marty, Mariposa grabs Fenix's leg and stops him. This enables Marty to take control briefly. Fenix rallies and throws caution to the win with a twisting plancha on the outside. Moments later, Fenix attempts to take to the air again but Mariposa trips him up. Marty goes after Fenix in front of a concerned Melissa Santos. Marty then attempts to take off Fenix's mask and Mariposa does the same. Fenix is able to break free from Mariposa's clutches but is met with some stiff chops by Marty. The Moth continues to go after Fenix's mask and has one side of it ripped. Marty then applies a mandible claw and drags Fenix around the ring by his mouth. Marty stays in control for the next few minutes and applies a choke hold. Fenix rallies with some martial arts kicks. He then hits a pretty springboard wheel kick into Marty's jaw. Fenix then double foot stomps Marty to the back of the neck for a near pin fall.

Fenix tries to finish off Marty by leaping off the top but Martinez evades him. Marty then hoists up Fenix and hits the Mothra gut buster for a near fall. Marty gets Fenix up again and connects with a modified death valley driver for another near fall. Fenix rallies late using his speed and lands a big kick on Marty. When Mariposa tries to intervene with her brother's lunch box, Melissa Santos gets up and grabs Mariposa to prevent her from doing so. Marty sees this from the ring and looks heart broken. Fenix is back up and he rolls up Marty in a bridging cradle and secures the victory.

Fenix defeats Marty The Moth to advance to the next round of The Cueto Cup tournament

After the match, Marty strikes down Fenix with his lunchbox. Marty starts eating food out of the box and then gets out a fork. Marty then stabs Fenix repeatedly in the forehead with it. Marty does this while staring down Melissa. Marty then licks a bloody Fenix and tells Melissa that he loves her, while Mariposa holds Melissa and forces her to watch. Marty continues to scrape away at Fenix's head with the fork. Marty then eats the skin and blood off of the fork. The show ends with the crowd chanting "creepy bastard" at Marty, as he walks to the outside and stares down Melissa. She gets out of Mariposa's grasp and runs over to check on Fenix.


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