Lucha Underground Recap (7/26): Rey Mysterio Jr. Vs. PJ Black, Cueto Cup, Pentagon Dark Vs. Drago

Lucha Underground On The El Rey Network
Season 3 Episode #28- "Booyaka! Booyaka!"
Filmed in Boyle Heights, California

Here is the synopsis for tonight's episode:
Rey Mysterio battles PJ Black; the Cueto Cup continues with it's second round; Son of Madness confronts Son of Havoc.

The episode opens with a video teaser for tonight's show. The storylines featured are: Drago swearing allegiance to Kobra Moon, Rey Mysterio's on-going feud with Johnny Mundo and the worldwide underground, the current Son of Havoc/Madness saga and PJ Black receiving a match against Rey Mysterio for tonight.

Matt Striker and Vampiro intro and hype the show from inside the Temple. They cue to the ring for Melissa Santos.

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Group A-Second Round
The Mack vs. Texano

The two heavyweights work a fast paced style early on. They go for tit for tat and end up in a stand off.... The Mack outduels Texano on the apron. This leads to him nailing Texano with a Tope Con Hiro. When the action returns back inside, Mack stays in control with a running seated neck breaker. Moments later after being pounded in the corner, Texano battles back with a springboard back elbow. He then delivers some stiff chops of his own. Both men battle back to the apron and then to the outside. The Mack ends up hitting a tilt a whirl back breaker on the outside floor..... Moments later, The Mack over powers Texano on the inside. Just when The Mack appears to be on the verge of victory. Famous B, who has been recruiting Texano with the help of Beautiful Brenda..... Famous B distracts Mack and ends up eating a stunner. Texano takes advantage of this distraction and hits a sit out power bomb on Mack to secure the victory.

Texano defeats The Mack by pinfall to advance to the semifinal round in The Cueto Cup Tournament

After the first commercial break, Son Of Havoc is shown at a local bar having drinks. Son Of Madness interrupts Havoc's drinking. Madness tussles with Havoc. He tells Havoc that he turned his back on the "invisible cult" club. Madness tells Havoc that he is going to have to come back eventually to the club.

The next scene has Paul London with his rabbit tribe backstage at The Temple. Saltador is being used as a human checkers board. Msascarita Sagrada walks in on the tribe. London and company apologize to Mascarita Sagrada for failing him in The Cueto Cup. The Rabbit Tribe is under the belief that Sagrada is their sacred Rabbit. Sagrada gives the tribe a large gift box. The tribe opens it up to find a tiny rabbit's foot. They are all pleased with this gift and cackle with joy.

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Group A- Second Round
Pentagon Dark vs. Drago w/Kobra Moon

Drago is led to the ring in chains by Kobra Moon. Pentagon makes his entrance to an extremely loud response from the Believers. They chant 'Cero Miedo', as the show heads to break.... This is an LU dream match between two men, who have never faced off in LU, since it's inception.

Evenly contested opening moments, where both men work at a break neck pace. Drago gets the early advantage after hitting a corkscrew plancha on Pentagon. This is followed by an action packed flurry of offensive moves by both men. Pentagon Dark wins this battle and takes control briefly. The pace picks up again and Drago hits a flurry of moves that lead into a variation of pinfall attempts. Pentagon stops Drago's momentum by sending him crashing to the mat face first. A Pentagon driver is attempted but countered by Drago. He proceeds to hit a leaping blockbuster for a near fall. Drago goes to the air but gets caught and driven neck first in a Pentagon driver. This leads to a near pin fall. Pentagon amps up the aggressiveness and strikes down Drago. Kobra Moon barks orders at Drago, and he rallies with some springboard offense. Drago keeps the momentum with a top rope frankensteiner. Drago then hits a top rope splash for a near fall. Drago battles back and hits a Mexican Destroyer on Drago, which Striker labels a "Pentican Destroyer". This leads to the finish where Pentagon hits his signature package piledriver to secure the victory.

Pentagon Dark defeats Drago to advance to the semfinal of The Cueto Cup tournament

As is customary after a Pentagon Dark match, He sets up to break Drago's arm. Kobra Moon comes into the ring and Pentagon knocks her down. When Pentagon goes back to break Drago's arm. His former trios tag partner, Aerostar comes to his rescue. Drago doesn't want Aerostar's help and as a show of loyalty to Kobra Moon, he lifts up Star and slams him face first into the mat. An angry Pentagon Dark makes his way back into the ring and breaks a fallen Aerostar's arm.

After the break, Pentagon Dark is backstage at The Temple. Catrina approaches him. She tells him that Pentagon took something from her and Mil Muertes, and that revenge will be coming his way. Pentago flashes his Cero Miedo sign in her face. She disappears and ends up behind Dark. She threatens Pentagon again and then disappears.

It's announced that in 4 weeks, The finals of The Cueto Cup will take place with the field now down to 8 Luchadors.

The Cueto Cup Tournament Quarterfinals
* Pentagon Dark vs. Texano
* Mil Muertes vs. Jeremiah Crane
* Fenix vs. Pindar
* Prince Puma vs. Dante Fox

Also in 4 weeks, Rey Mysterio will challenge Johnny Mundo for The Lucha Underground Championship. In the video below, Michael Schiavello narrates the third part of the hype series for that matchup.

Rey Mysterio vs. PJ Black

Several pin attempts in the opening moments of this match. Rey and PJ try to outdo one another working at a rapid pace. Rey stays two steps ahead of PJ and sends Black to the outside floor. Mystero tries to leap onto PJ but he catches and drops Mysterio to the floor. The action returns inside and Black grounds Mysterio and starts to work on his arms and ribs. Rey battles back with a drop toe hold. He attempts a 619 but the call is disconnected with a thrust kick by PJ. Moments later, Rey rallies quickly with a counter dropkick. The two men then engage in a series of standing strikes. Rey wins this exchange when Black gets over confident. A headscissors by Mysterio takes Black to the outside. In a "You still got it" moment, Mysterio hits a springboard asai moonsault onto Black on the outside. More signature Mysterio action after he connects with a springboard west coast pop. Mysterio then connects with a tilt a whirl head scissors. He tries to leap onto Black from the top rope, but is tripped and ends up in the tree of woe. PJ hits a double foot stomp to Mysterio's head. Black then covers Rey nonchalantly and Mysterio ends up grabbing the bottom rope. Both men battle to the top rope, Mysterio goes for a frankensteiner but Black hangs on and rolls through to hit a Styles Clash.

The action continues, Rey Mysterio connects with a tornado DDT but referee Marty Eias gets knocked down during the move. Johnny Mundo runs out and mockingly counts to three, while Rey is covering PJ. Mundo then attacks Rey and wakes up PJ Black. Jack Evans is out and they triple team Mysterio with a double suplex/super kick. El Dragon Azteca comes out to aid his mentor. He evens the odds and chases Mundo and company out of the ring. Taya shows up and she trips up Azteca and knocks him down on the outside. WU places Black onto Mysterio, as the referee comes to. Mysterio kicks out at the last moment. A revived Azteca runs off the WU to the back. Black goes for a razor's edge but Rey counters it into a 619. Mysterio then hits a springboard frog splash for the victory.

Rey Mysterio defeats PJ Black by pinfall

Mysterio takes the mic to address the crowd after the match. Rey Mysterio tells Johnny Mundo that he won't be able to run anymore. Mysterio says that he will end up beating Mundo in 4 weeks. Rey promises to make history by becoming Lucha Underground Champion. The show ends with Rey Mysterio celebrating his victory.


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