Matt Hardy Says GFW President "Blatantly Lied," John Cena WWE 2K18 Edition, Stephanie McMahon

- Above is the full match between Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella at the 2014 SummerSlam PPV. Stephanie was able to get the win after Nikki Bella turned on her sister.

- WWE announced this year's WWE 2K18 will feature a Cena (Nuff) Edition, celebrating John Cena's 15 year career. The set will be selling for $149.99 and 30,000 copies will be made available. The WWE 2K18 Deluxe Edition video game, will feature:

* Access to WWE 2K18 Season Pass
* Playable versions of Batista and Rob Van Dam, two of John Cena's legendary rivals
* Playable versions of Cena recreating his appearances at ECW One Night Stand 2006 and WrestleMania XXVI
* Access to the Kurt Angle Pack, which includes two playable versions of The Olympic Hero
* Exclusive premium packaging that includes a unique cover sleeve, which will delight both Cena's fans and his detractors
* An exclusive Mattel action figure featuring John Cena with Cena/Cena Nuff T-shirt options
* A Fanatics limited-edition commemorative plaque that includes a piece of the ring mat from Cena's historic 16th World Title triumph at Royal Rumble 2017, as well as a hand-signed photo from The Cenation Leader himself
* Limited edition WWE SuperCard in-game cards decorated with Cena (Nuff) card backs that feature Cena, Batista and Rob Van Dam

- Yesterday, GFW President Ed Nordholm spoke with Sports Illustrated in detail about The Hardys and owning the "broken" intellectual property. On Twitter, Matt Hardy said Nordholm "blatantly lied" about the story of Hardy wanting an additional $100,000 on top what was already agreed to from Anthem. Hardy also said he had the conversation taped and would be "checking with lawyers" on this subject.