More On False Paige Arrest Warrant Story

As noted, there was a fake news story that claimed that an arrest warrant was issued for Paige for her domestic dispute with Alberto El Patron at the Orlando Airport earlier this month. Despite the fact that the site that started the fake story is an amateur Wix site that looks like it was created a week ago, it was picked up by BANG Showbiz and subsequently posted on MSN.

The person who started the fake Wix site is a known troll that will often send us fake news tips. He recently sent a fake tip that Brock Lesnar was added to the WWE live event in September in Honolulu which we never posted, but some other sites picked up on.

Newsweek's Tufayel Ahmed noted on Twitter that it's still up to the state attorney's office on whether to press charges. The Orlando Police Department submitted the case for review after detectives found "probable cause to charge Saraya Bevis with Battery (Domestic Violence)":

As noted, I asked Dutch Mantel on a media call today if Alberto El Patron was still suspended from GFW after he was no longer considered a suspect in the incident. Mantel confirmed that El Patron is still suspended pending the conclusion of their own internal investigation.

Shawn Hoyte contributed to this article.


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