Global Force Wrestling continues to battle the Hardy Boyz over the “Broken” gimmick. As of press time, no deal has been reached although the two sides have come close to an agreement that would see the Hardy Boyz get the gimmick with GFW receiving financial compensation.

For those that missed it, owner Raj Giri asked Jeff Jarrett on a conference call earlier this week if the Hardy Boyz had acquired the gimmick. Jarrett said that they hadn’t, despite the Hardys teasing the character more than usual on RAW this past Monday night.

Matt Hardy’s wife, Reby, got on Twitter and questioned why Jarrett was lying. She claimed they came to terms on an agreement for the gimmick last week and the deal included a disparagement clause where they would have to pay Anthem $5000 for anytime she tweets something about GFW.

Dave Meltzer stated on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio the two sides had a deal but Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm wouldn’t sign off.

“They made a deal last week. But I’ve got to say this,” Meltzer stated. “They made a deal last week but when that happened I was pretty much told that they’ve come close before and it’s fallen apart and you know the fact is even though it was agreed upon, Ed Nordholm had not signed off on it. And that happened, you know, it’s happened before. So it’s a very tenuous tense situation.

“They’ll kind of mediate the thing, they’ll come to an agreement and then Impact won’t sign off on it,” Meltzer continued. “It seems to happen. You know, I remember when I was told about the deal pretty much, you know, being close to done, they’re was the caveat of ‘Well they may back out again ’cause they always seem to do that.'”

According to Meltzer, the deal was the Hardy Boyz would get the “Broken” gimmick with GFW receiving “some type of financial thing” and both sides would agree to say nothing bad about the other. It was noted that nobody wants the situation to end up in court.