NJPW Star Talks WWE Future, Brie Bella Wearing Nikki's Ring? (Video), Article On GLOW's Storytelling

- Above, Nikki and Brie Bella were hanging out on a boat in Cabo and Nikki decided to jump into the water (Brie didn't film it though). Since Nikki wanted to jump in, Brie wore Nikki's engagement ring and doesn't want to give it back. The cast of Total Divas were filming footage while visiting Cabo.

- Paste Magazine wrote an article on the Netflix series, GLOW and how the show understands women's wrestling better than the WWE. Here's an excerpt:

"Another aspect of GLOW that blows WWE out of the water is that it puts its men in the backseat while women drive the story. Down-on-his-luck director Sam (Marc Maron) and rich, wrestling-obsessed producer Bash (Chris Lowell) have their own minor storylines, but they're rarely more prominent than those of the female cast members. Launching the week of the controversial first ever women's Money in the Bank ladder match, which culminated in a man retrieving the briefcase, GLOW starkly contrasts to WWE, which continues to get even the very basics of gender equality wrong."

- NJPW Star, Tama Tonga, was asked by a fan if he saw WWE in his future. Tonga responded: "No, they seem me in theirs." Another fan said they would love to see him thrive in WWE, but Tonga is content right where he is now.


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