ROH TV Recap: BITW Fallout,Cody-Daniels Brawl, 4 Corners Survival Match,Bucks 3-Way Match & More

Taped From The Frontier Fieldhouse In Chicago Ridge,Illinois
Aired Over The Weekend In Syndication, Monday Night On The Fite TV App & Wednesdays On Comet TV

The show opens with The ROH World Championship belt being shown in the center of the ring, when the camera pans up Cody is standing over the title and smiling. The lights go out and when they come back on, Christopher Daniels is standing right behind Cody. They start brawling around the ringside area. Daniels sends Cody into the barricade and then throws him over a ringside table. The brawl goes back into the ring and Cody hits Daniels with a swinging neckbreaker. Cody grabs the ROH title and tries to strike Daniels but misses, Daniels hits Cody with an STO. Senior Referee Todd Sinclair comes into the ring to break things up but he gets tossed aside by Daniels. The fight continues with both men wearing suits. Security comes into the ring to break up the fight but Daniels and Cody dispose of them and continue going at it. Cody hits an inverted atomic drop and a beautiful disaster. Moments later, Daniels rocks Cody to the outside and springboards off the ropes with an Arabian moonsault. Daniels gets into the ring and grabs the ROH Championship belt, the crowd chants "Let them fight" as security and officials are finally able to break them up. Clever way of booking the title change before the title change actually happened. This show was taped on June 3rd, before the BITW ppv.

When the show returns from the break, Jay Briscoe cuts a promo in the back about the 2017 Top Prospect winner Josh Woods. Briscoe puts over Woods for having the guts to challenge him. He also puts over Woods amateur wrestling and MMA background. Jay Briscoe tells Josh Woods that by challenging him, he is now going into the deep end of the pool and will be swimming with the sharks.

Colt Cabana and Ian Riccaboni are on commentary. They preview the Jay Briscoe-Woods match set for later on. Cabana says that Woods has bitten off more than he can chew by challenging Jay Briscoe.

Jay Briscoe vs. Josh 'The Goods' Woods

The code of honor is adhered to by both men, although Woods appears to be doing it in a mocking fashion. The early portion of the match has both men jousting with one another until Woods brings Briscoe down to the mat with a single leg takedown. Jay shows off his own mat skills but ends up getting countered into an arm bar submission. When the hold is broken due to a rope break, Both men start exchanging strikes and Woods gets the best of Jay with some precision MMA striking. Briscoe is able to battle back, he send Woods to the outside and hits a suicide dive. Jay Briscoe stays in control, going to, during and after the break. Briscoe is in full brawling mode, as he takes Woods to the outside and flings him into the steel barricade twice. Jay then suplexes Woods onto the ringside floor. The action returns inside the ring and Briscoe attempts another suplex but Woods counters it into a release judo throw. Woods is back in control and connects with two straight release german suplexes, he then executes a modified GTS despite Jay frantically fighting to get out of his clutches. Woods doesn't immediately cover Briscoe and it leads to Jay kicking out before the ref can count to three. When the action goes to the outside, Jay turns the tables by throwing Woods into the ringpost. Briscoe starts pounding away on Woods and trash talking him. Josh battles back with a high knee. He charges at Jay but Briscoe counters with a discus forearm and multiple head butts. Woods then eats a stiff running lariat and Jay Briscoe pins him for the victory.

Jay Briscoe defeats Josh Woods by pinfall

Next on the show is footage of the falling out between Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara, in a recent match they had with The Young Bucks. Ferrara turned on Cheeseburger after they lost their opportunity to win The ROH tag titles...... Will Ferrara cuts a promo in front of the ROH banner, he says that he was tired of Cheeseburger's antics, having to wear stupid hats and having to come out to Cheeseburger's silly entrance theme. Ferrara says that Cheeseburger was holding him and his career back. Ferrara calls himself a workhorse and Burger a charity case. He says that he simply can't have someone like Cheeseburger get in his way anymore.

The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. The Tempura Boyz (Sho & Yo) vs. Coast To Coast (Shaheem Ali & LSG)

This was originally supposed to be straight up tag match between The Tempura Boyz and Coast to Coast but after those teams made their ring entrances. The Bucks music hit and they made their way to ringside. The Bucks got on the mic and said that an ROH show in Chicago can't take place without them in a match. Nick Jackson mentions that they have an open challenge to any team for their titles and that they have decided to have one here. The Bucks put their titles up in a 3 way, with the stipulation added, that it would be a Texas Tornado match.

An exciting match with all three teams emptying out the tandem offensive playbook.... Bucks matches are so difficult to recap, so bare with me..... The first minute alone sees The Bucks hit a wheel barrow cutter. The Jacksons then attempt their signature terminator spot, only to have The Tempura Boyz catch them and hit stereo release german suplexes on the ringside floor. Coast to Coast is up next with their tandem spot, when they hit Sho and Yo with an assisted jumping flatliner. Then it's crash and burn time with dueling over the top rope dives by Ali and LSG.

The show returns from the break with a 3 man sunset flip turning into a release german suplex. This leads into a pop up diamond cutter by the Tempura Boyz on Nick Jackson. Followed shortly thereafter by an assisted sliced bread/superkick by the Bucks. The Jacksons then hit their signature buckle bomb/corner kick. Nick Jackson then does a somersault dive onto Coast for Coast for added measure. A Meltzer driver is attempted but countered by Sho. Coast to Coast ends up back in the action and they connect with successive springboard offensive maneuvers. Ali and LSG are able to evade superkicks by Matt and Nick, they then get the Tempura Boyz up in the air for dueling tombstone piledrivers. The Bucks are back, they superkick LSG and Ali, while they are holding up Sho & Yo. Got this so far lol..... With the Tempura Boyz still being held up in tombstone piledriver positions. They end up executing assisted Meltzer drivers with The Young Bucks. Ali & LSG get stereo superkicked immediately after and The Bucks cover The Boyz for the victory.

The Young Bucks defeat Coast to Coast & The Tempura Boyz to retain The ROH World Tag Team Championships

After the match, an ad airs for ROH's Video on Demand feature on their website. The match being hyped for this service is a recent hardcore match between 'The Villain' Marty Scurll and Adam Cole. This is also followed by a plug for the Best In The World replay.

* The Winner gets a shot at The ROH Television Championship
Mark Briscoe vs. Chris Sabin vs. Kenny King vs. The Beer City Bruiser

Kenny King doesn't have his rebellion attire on. That group was disbanded after this taping at the pay-per-view. King has recently been seen on The Bachelorette reality show, where he recently had celebrity Sarah Silverman tweet that she liked him. Kenny has been getting a lot of love on that show for his treatment of women and his relationship with his daughter.

Action packed 4 corner match with all 4 men getting a chance to shine. King, Briscoe and The Bruiser all end up on the outside and Chris Sabin takes them all out, as the show heads to it's final break. The Bruiser slows down the air game when the show returns. Beer City grounds and squashes his 3 competitors for awhile. The Bruiser then decides to take to the air himself. He goes to the top rope but is met up there by King and Briscoe. As they attempt a double superplex, Sabin rises to his feet and then performs a 3 man assisted electric chair fall drop from the top. Moments later, Chris Sabin does a running cannonball onto King at ringside. Mark Briscoe follows with a running blockbuster onto Sabin. Not to be outdone, here comes The Bruiser with a running senton off the apron and onto Sabin and Briscoe. Seconds later, Kenny King flies over the ropes onto all three men with a twisting corkscrew plancha.

Kenny King then sends Chris Sabin into the ring to try and secure the victory but Sabin battles back with a tornado DDT. Mark Briscoe jumps Sabin from behind and connects with a fishermen's buster. While Briscoe heads to the top rope, to hit King with the Froggie Bow. The 300 pund Bruiser climbs up the opposite turnbuckle and lands a frog splash onto Sabin. A double pin occurs simultaneously, when Briscoe and Bruiser notice that they won't be the clear winner. They rise to their feet to break the count and go after one another. Brusier takes down Briscoe and sets him for a running cannonball into the corner but Kenny King intercepts him with a lariat. King then lifts up Bruiser and hits the Royal Flush to secure the pinfall victory.

Kenny King wins a 4 Corner Survival Match to earn a shot at Kushida and The ROH World Television Championship

As King celebrates his victory. Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana close the show and hype next week's ROH TV, where Matt Taven will take on CMLL's Ultimo Guerrero.


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