ROH TV Recap: War Machine Vs. MCMG, Dalton Castle & The Boys, Taven Vs. Guerrero, More

Ring Of Honor TV Episode #303
Taped From The Lowell War Memorial Auditorium In Lowell,Mass
Airing Weekends In Syndication, Monday Nights On The Fite TV App, Tuesday Nights On The Fight Network, Sunday Nights On Charge TV

The show kicks off with The American Nightmare Cody talking about his confrontation with Christopher Daniels on ROH TV last week. Cody says that Daniels ruined his coronation as ROH Champ but announces that next week, Daniels is banned from the arena and Cody will celebrate becoming the new leader of Ring of Honor.

Non Title Six-Man Tag Team Match
Dalton Castle & The Boys (c) vs. Flip Gordon & Coast To Coast

This is the new six-man champs first appearance on TV as champs, since defeating Bully Ray & The Briscoes at Best In The World. After the code of honor is adhered to, Dalton Castle and Flip Gordon start things off by attempting to show each other up. Gordon does his flips, Castle teases doing his own but ends up striking Gordon instead. All six men get in the ring immediately following this sequence and the action spills to the outside. Castle launches his boys onto Shaheem Ali and LSG. Dalton and Flip go back at it one on one, Gordon gets the better of him using his style of aerial offense. Coast to Coast then take to the air and ground The Boys. Everyone ends up on the outside except for Gordon, who then proceeds to do a running springboard 450 to the outside floor.

Coast to Coast and Gordon stay in control after the commercial break. The aerial offense continues, this time LSG lands on everyone at ringside with a twisting plancha. Ian Riccaboni mentions on commentary how LSG was inspired to become a wrestler, after attending ROH's Final Battle in 2005. After LSG's high risk move, he isolates Dalton Castle in ring and continues to build on his momentum, but he ends up getting caught in mid-air, and Dalton Castle hits his Bang-A-Rang finisher to secure the victory for his team.

Dalton Castle & The Boys defeat Flip Gordon & Coast to Coast

Highlights are shown from Jay Lethal's victory over Silas Young at the Best in The World PPV, How after losing the match, Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser used a beer keg and a table to injure the ribs of Jay Lethal..... Footage is then shown of Silas Young taking a camera crew to go follow Jay Lethal to the hospital after BITW. Silas cuts a promo right across the street from the hospital. He gloats that Lethal won the battle with him but ultimately lost the war with him.

Matt Taven w/TK O'Ryan & Vinny Marseglia vs. Ultimo Guerrero

Prior to the match starting, highlights are shown of team CMLL's victory over The Kingdom at Best in The World.... Ultimo has been wrestling since 1990. Guerrero looks like a wrestler from 1990 but somehow his in ring style has stayed up to date after 25 years. A lot of mat wrestling early on between Taven and Ultimo, with both men exchanging the advantage. Ultimo takes control after hitting two lariats, that turn Taven inside-out. The Kingdom helps Matt Taven take control when they interject themselves into the action. Ultimo battles back on the outside. He ends up sending Taven over the steel barricade and then leaping onto him. The tide turns after the break, Taven has Ultimo grounded in the center of the ring. The next few minutes of the match are evenly contested between both men. The next few sequences of this match sees both men go the top rope area for 3 high impact moves. The first involves Ultimo hitting a super gord buster on Taven from the top rope for a near fall. When both go back to the top rope, Taven attempts a super rana but Guerrero counters with a power bomb for another near fall. On the third occasion, Ultimo goes for a reverse superplex, Taven counters with a frog splash for a near fall of his own. Moments later, Ultimo applies a variation of stretch muffler submission but Taven escapes. When Guerrero is on the verge of finishing off Taven, Matt gives him a low blow and then connects with his Climax finisher for the victory.

Matt Taven defeats Ultimo Guerrero by pinfall

After the match, a promo airs for next week's ROH TV show, where Bully Ray & The Briscoes will face off against The Young Bucks and Hangman Page. The preview video can be seen below.

Video Courtesy of ROH

After the break, Silas Young cuts a promo in front of The ROH banner. He has a 'Safety Starts With You' chart set up next to him, that highlights how long Jay Lethal has been off of ROH TV thanks to him. Silas states that as long as he is in Ring of Honor, Jay Lethal will never be safe. The tag line on the bottom of the board is focused in on by the camera man and it reads "Be Alert, Accidents Hurt"..... Not sure if this is leading to a Health Alert Hotline match or not.....

War Machine (Hanson & Rowe) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley)

The idea sold by Cabana and Riccaboni on commentary is that the winner of this match will be line to go after The Young Bucks and the ROH tag team titles...Tale of two different teams here. One of the hottest teams in War Machine versus a forgotten team in Motor City. Injuries and placement on the roster has put The Guns on the backburner for quite some time...... Great back and forth action early on between two different types of teams. After an early tit for tat between the teams, War Machine takes control and dominates the next portion of the match. They isolate Alex Shelley and use tandem power moves against him. With his partner in trouble, Chris Sabin wisely finds a way to blind tag himself into the match. He and Shelley then get some momentum going and connect with tandem moves on Rowe and Hanson. The Guns head to the air and crisscross one another on the ring apron in mid-air, as they fly onto War Machine at ringside. The crowd applauds their efforts and this sequence.

Motor City stays in charge and connect with a tandem dropkick on the inside. Rowe is on the receiving end of some more synchronized moves by Motor City. Shelley and Sabin go to well one too many times and eventually Rowe catches and flattens both men in mid-air. 'Warbeard' Hanson is tagged in. He plunders and plows right through The Guns. Hanson does his sprinting war cry lariats on both men. When the action returns from the final break, War Machine connects with a assisted springboard shoulder charge. This leads to a close pinfall. Chris Sabin ends up escaping the clutches of War Machine and avoiding their fall out finisher. Shelley is back in the action and he and Sabin try to double suplex Hanson but Warbeard ends up suplexing both of them by himself. This leads into a frantic closing sequence with all four men involved in the action. The Guns hit an assisted sliced bread on Hanson and appear o be on the verge of victory. Motor City connects with their signature dream sequence on Rowe. They don't cover him immediately, this enables Rowe to get back up and he ends up german suplexing both Guns at the same time. Hanson is back and War Machine hits the pop power slam on Sabin. In a signature spot, Hanson then attempts to dive on Shelley on the outside, to prevent him from breaking up the pinfall but Shelley moves out of the way. Shelley then hits a double foot stomp from the top to break up Rowe's pin attempt on Sabin. The Guns then hit dueling thrust kicks on Rowe. They each dive onto Hanson separately to prevent him from coming in to save Rowe. The Guns then get Rowe up in an electric chair position and hit their "Made in Detroit" finisher to win the match and pull off the mild upset.

The Motor City Machine Guns defeat War Machine

Big win for The Guns. It puts them back in contention and on the radar, for the first time in awhile. The show ends with Sabin and Shelley celebrating their victory.


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