ROH TV Recap: ROH Champion Cody, Bully Ray & The Briscoes Vs. The Bullet Club And More

Ring Of Honor TV Episode #304
Taped From The Lowell War Memorial Auditorium In Lowell, Mass
Airing Weekends In Syndication, Sunday Nights On Charge TV, Monday Nights On The Fite TV App, Tuesdays On The Fight Network
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Videos Courtesy Of Ring Of Honor

-Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana are on commentary

ROH Champion 'The American Nightmare' Cody opens the show in-ring. He is decked out in a three piece suit sans the jacket, and his newly won world title. The crowd greets him with a "You Deserve It" chant. Cody agrees with the crowd and says that he does deserve it. He then goes on to rag on the former champion Christopher Daniels. Cody says that Daniels is walking around moping and all sad, now that he is no longer the champion. More specifically, Cody says that Daniels is walking around with "the classic boo-boo face". The crowd starts chanting "boo-boo face". Cody says that Daniels looks like he has "lost his smile". A reference to Shawn Michaels legendary line that took place in this very same building 20 years ago. Cody goes on to announce that he has yet to sign a Ring Of Honor contract. He says that Sinclair Broadcasting no longer owns the ROH World Championship, that the Rhodes family now does.

Cody goes on to address his critics, who say that he doesn't fit the Ring of Honor style. To prove that he is worthy of being the world champion, Cody challenges Christopher Daniels to a 2 out of 3 falls rematch. Cody is super over with this crowd, he tells them "I Love You" and they chant it right back at him. Cody wraps up his in ring promo by stating that he is the best because he is steroid free and the ROH World Chammpion.

Punishment Martinez vs. Jonathan Gresham

The 6'6 Martinez towers over the majority of ROH's roster but that really shows up in this matchup with the 5'4 Jonathan Gresham. Not only is their a major difference in size but also in style here, as Gresham attempts to out maneuver and out think Punishment by relying on his technical wrestling prowess. It works out for him early on. Gresham employs a stick and move strategy. In a clever spot, Gresham blocks Punishment's strength by using his shin and then executing a neck drag. Gresham then hyper extends Punishment's left knee and then goes to work on it. Gresham makes the mistake of going to the air and Martinez catches him and spins him around in a tornado back breaker. Gresham goes back to Punishment's injured knee when the show returns from the break. Gresham then counters out of a power move and hits a tornado DDT. He appears to have momentum on his side. He continues it with a moonsault. This is followed by a flying cross body but it only nets Gresham a 1 count. Gresham runs at Martinez with a head full of steam but gets a big boot in the corner. Punishment then pummels Gresham in the corner and hits a Falcon Arrow for a near fall. When Martinez attempts to connect with his South of Heaven finisher, Gresham counters out into a fancy looking grapevine submission. Punishment's length enables him to break free of the hold. He then turns Gresham inside-out with a clothesline but Gresham rallies with a spinning kick and a unique looking wheel barrow type move. Which Riccaboni and Cabana mention that they have never seen before. Gresham then connects with a shooting star press but Martinez kicks out. The action then spills to the outside and Gresham gets caught attempting to leap onto Martinez. He is then given a Last Call Power Bomb onto the ring apron. This leads to Gresham's demise, as Martinez finishes him off with a torture rack into what he calls the Psycho Driver.

Punishment Martinez defeats Jonathan Gresham by pinfall

After the match, Punishment attempts to chokeslam Gresham but Jay White comes out to save him...... A recap video is then shown of Bull Ray and The Briscoes losing their Six-Man Titles at the last pay per view. Included in the video is a backstage argument the three team members had after their loss. Mark and Jay blame each other for the loss and Bully points out that both Briscoes share the blame for losing.

Video Courtesy Of ROH

When the show returns from the break, Mandy Leon is plugging an exclusive Women of Honor episode that will air in two weeks. She is interrupted by 'The Last Real Man' Silas Young. Silas mocks the whole WOH concept and calls Mandy eye candy. He then has her hold up his customized Jay Lethal safety sign. The sign has a chart that lists the amount of days that Lethal has missed on ROH TV since Silas injured him. It has now reached 22 days. Silas brags about this and how he has eliminated ROH's golden boy from TV. After Silas storms off, Mandy says that a lot of people care about women's wrestling and she plugs the WOH show in two weeks again.

The Tempura Boyz vs. Cheeseburger and Joey 'Diesel' Daddiego

The two teams engage in a standoff where they chant "Beef and Tempura" at one another. Sho and Yo cheap shot Burger and Daddiego at the outset. Joey and Cheeseburger rally and work in tandem. Daddiego connects with a fall away slam on Sho, when Burger attempts and fails to do one on Yo, Daddiego completes the fall away slam for him. The Tempura Boyz start a rally of their own and connect with several tandem maneuvers. Burger gets worked on and isolated in the Boyz corner for the next couple of minutes. He eventually rallies. evades an assisted power bomb and tags in Daddiego. Both Burger and Joey Diesel then conduct some tandem business of their own. Daddiego uses Cheeseburger as a battering ram. This leads to a finishing sequence between Cheesburger and Yo, where Cheeseburger hits the Jushin Liger Shotei Strike on Yo to obtain the victory for his team.

Cheeseburger & Joey Daddiego defeat The Tempura Boyz

After the match, Two Cheeseburger groupies come out of the crowd and mob him. ROH security escorts Cheeseburger's admirers away from ringside. When Cheeseburger has his back turned and is laughing with the crowd about what just happened. He is blindsided by one of the ROH crew members, who is revealed to be his former partner Will Ferrara. Cheeseburger is choked out and then thrown into the barricade. Ferrara then trash talks Cheeseburger and then runs off into the crowd.

After the break, Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana hype next week's television main event, Where Kushida is scheduled to defend The ROH TV Title against Jay White.

The Bullet Club (Adam 'Hangman' Page & The Young Bucks) vs. Bully Ray & The Briscoes

An exciting and chaotic main event to close the show out. The storyline here is that the Briscoes and Bully Ray are trying to get back on the same page after losing their six-man titles. They even argue before the match starts. Things start off as a standard six man match with partners being tagged in and out, in what is an evenly contested first few minutes. It doesn't take long before more than 2 men are involved in the in-ring action. The Bucks and Briscoes square off and the Jacksons come out on top, as the show heads to the break.... The match is reset with Bully Ray challenging the Bucks to take him on. Matt Jackson pretends to want to take on Bully Ray by himself but then ends up cheapshotting him with a two sweet into the eyes twice. Matt goes for it a third time but ends up getting flattened by Bully Ray. Nick Jackson tries to intervene and gets chopped down by Bully. The Bucks are then treated to flip flop and fly and a double two sweet in the eyes by Bully Ray. Just when it looks like things are looking bad for the Bucks, they hit a stereo superkick on Bully. This leads to The Bucks and Hangman Page setting up for their signature terminator spot. The move gets blocked and The Briscoes take to the air and dive onto The Bullet Club. Bully Ray then teases doing his own terminator spot on The Bucks but Hangman Page intercepts him. Bully manages to fight off Page and connect with a 'Bully Bomb' but the Bucks are back in and stereo superkick him. The Bucks then take to the air and lay out The Briscoes.

The Bullet Club dominates the action for the next few minutes. The Bucks and Page end up attempting the signature Dudley Boyz "Wazzz Up" spot but Bully counters out of it and hits the Bubba Cutter on a leaping Nick Jackson in mid-air. Mark Briscoe is then tagged into the match.( the one without hair for aspiring commentators).... He goes on an offensive flurry on all three members of The Bullet Club. Jay Briscoe joins the action (the one with hair for aspiring commentators).... The Briscoes then connect on several tandem moves. They hit an inverted 3D and then invite Bully into the fray. He comes in and attempts to splash The Bucks and Page in the corner. He does but referee Todd Sinclair also gets splashed as well. With him laid out, there is no one to count the pinfall after The Briscoes and Bully hit an assisted 3D on Hangman Page. Referee Paul Turner runs into the ring to make the count but he gets pulled out of it by The Bucks. Turner then ends up getting accidentally superkicked by The Young Bucks. Bully Ray and Mark Briscoe start brawling with the Bucks on the outside. Meanwhile in the ring, Jay Briscoe looks to finish off Hangman Page with the Jay Driller but The Villain Marty Scurll runs into the ring, and hits Jay Briscoe in the back with an umbrella. This enables Hangman Page to cover and pin Jay Briscoe.

The Bullet Club defeats Bully Ray & The Briscoes

The Bullet Club celebrates their victory and head up the ramp way. The Briscoe brothers snap in the ring. They start throwing chairs around and attack ROH crew members at ringside. Bully Ray stands by and watches them create carnage. The show ends with this scene.


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