ROH TV Recap: The Bullet Club, The Villain In Six-Man Mayhem Match, Kushida Vs. Jay White And More

Ring Of Honor TV
Episode #305
Taped At The Lowell Memorial Auditorium In Lowell, Ma
Airing On Sinclair Networks, Charge TV On Sunday Nights (Check for all listings)

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- Ian Riccaboni and Rico DeLaVega are on commentary...... No Cabana this week..... DeLaVega lists himself as a talent scout and commentator for ROH. He has worked the indy scene as a manager for quite some time. His performance on this show is very comparable to an 80's style heel commentator. DeLaVega calls Ian "Rigatoni" throughout the show.

The show opens with Hangman Page and The Young Bucks inside the ring. They go on to challenge Dalton Castle and The Boys for the ROH Six-Man championships. They promise to take those titles away from them....

The Bucks then go on to introduce 'The Villain' Marty Scurll to the ring. The Villain poses with his fellow Bullet Club members, as he readies for this week's opening match.

Six-Man Mayhem Match
'The Villain' Marty Scurll vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Josh Woods vs. Vinny Marseglia vs. Will Ferrara vs. El Terrible

Unique grouping of talents. Marty Scurll spends the majority of the match staying out of the action. He only intervenes when there is a near fall. Halfway through the match, The Villain sneaks in and nearly applies his chicken wing submission but ends up bailing out to the ringside floor.... Frankie Kazarian carries the load in this one and looks very impressive throughout. There is a comedy spot mixed in between the two "crazy" men in CMLL's El Terrible and The Kingdom's Vinny Marseglia. The 2017 ROH Top Prospect winner Josh Woods has a good showing as well, showcasing his MMA skills. However, Shane Taylor runs out towards the end of the match and knocks out Josh Woods..... The frantic finish sees Kazarian go on an offensive flurry and take out El Terrible, Ferrara and Marseglia. Just as Kazarian goes to cover Marseglia, Scurll runs into the ring and sends Kazarian to the outside floor. The Villain covers Marseglia for the pinfall and steals the victory.

'The Villain' Marty Scurll wins the Six-Man Mayhem Match

A promo airs from the former ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels. He goes on to talk about how one loss can define a wrestler. Daniels says that he doesn't want his title loss to Cody defining him. Daniels promises to get his championship back from Cody. A 2 out of 3 falls match for the ROH World Championship between Cody and Daniels will take place in two weeks on ROH TV.

The Beer City Bruiser w/Silas Young vs. Brian 'The Kingpin' Milonas

Silas arrives after both big men are introduced. He doesn't intervene in this battle. Milonas gets in a lot of offense in this one. The entire match is a power struggle between both men. Milonas surprisingly over powers the Bruiser on several occasions. Slamming him around the ring and even hitting an impressive looking delayed samoan drop. The finish sees Bruiser use underhanded tactics to take control. He finishes off Milonas with a top rope frog splash to secure the victory.

The Beer City Bruiser defeats Brian Milonas by pinfall

After the match, 'The Last Real Man' Silas Young gets into the ring to congratulate The Bruiser. Silas has his 'Safety Board' with him. He's been carrying and updating it for quite some time on ROH TV. It's used to count the days that Jay Lethal has missed on TV since Silas injured him. Young updates his board to 29 days.

Kushida (c) vs. Jay White

Evenly contested battle throughout. White gains the advantage early on using his power and he hits some high impact moves. Though both men utilize their aerial offense, the majority of the action is spent on the ground with submission wrestling. White and Kushida go through several counters and reversals on the mat. The match turns in Kushida's favor when he injures White's left arm by consistently, going for and applying his hoverboard lock. This plays into the finishing sequence. Jay White manages to rally late. He struggles to hit his Kiwi Crusher finish because of his injured arm. When Jay White eventually does hit it, he is unable to use his injured arm to secure the pinfall victory. This enables Kushida to kick out at the very last moment. The final sequence sees Kushida apply the hoverboard lock on the top rope. He is told to break the hold. Kushida improvises and throws Jay White off of the top rope. He somehow keeps the hoverboard lock on when both men crash to the mat. Kushida then hoists White up and hits the 'Back to The Future' small package driver for the victory.

Kushida defeats Jay White to retain The ROH Television Championship

After the match, The #1 contender to the TV title, Kenny King makes his way to the ring. Kushida and Jay White shake hands. Kenny King applauds both men. He then goes over to Kushida and raises his hand in victory. Kushida looks on with skepticism. King salutes the TV champ and tells him that he is looking forward to their match.

The show ends with Ian Riccaboni plugging the 2 out of 3 falls ROH World Championship match between Cody and Daniels on TV in 2 weeks. Riccaboni promotes that next week's TV show will be dedicated to a special Women Of Honor episode.


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