Roman Reigns Comments On New WWE Merchandise, Goldberg Takes Out Triple H (Video), WWE Star Turns 34

- Above, Goldberg cut a promo in the back and headed to the ring to go after Triple H, putting him down with ease. The two later met at Unforgiven in 2003 for the World Heavyweight Championship with the added stipulations, if Triple H got disqualified or counted-out the title would change hands and if Goldberg lost, he would have to retire. Goldberg was able to win the title from Triple H in just under 15 minutes.

- Today, Heath Slater turns 34 years old. Other birthdays today include: Jesse "The Body" Ventura (66) and The Boogeyman (53). WWE sent out a "Happy Birthday" to all three, via their Instagram:

- WWE released a new line of WWE Superstar themed party cups featuring: Naomi, Bayley, AJ Styles, Southpaw Wrestling, Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, Randy Orton, Alexa Bliss, and The Hardys. They also capitalized on Chris Jericho's very appropriate, "Drink it in, man!" quote on his cup. On Twitter, Roman Reigns requested a pack of his for some "Quiet Beers."


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