Rosemary And Sienna React To Last Knockout Standing (Videos), After Impact, Fans On Destination X

- Above is After Impact with Josh Mathews and Tyrus. The two recap tonight's show and talk about what transpired between Alberto El Patron and LAX at the end of the show. Alberto took on LAX in a 3-1 Gauntlet Match, which ended in a DQ after LAX jumped Alberto in the ring. Alberto's family and the Veterans of War eventually came to Alberto's side to fend off LAX.

- GFW asked fans if Matt Sydal can defeat Bobby Lashley at Destination X on August 17. The two will meet with the winner getting the title shot of their choosing. As of this writing, fans are saying "yes" with 51 percent of the vote.

- GFW caught up with both Sienna and Rosemary after their Last Knockout Standing Unified GFW Knockouts Championship Match. After a distraction by KM, Sienna was able to toss a garbage can at Rosemary (who was on the top rope) sending her down to the floor and through a table. Rosemary wasn't able to answer the 10-count and Sienna retained the title. Afterwards, Sienna proclaimed she is a fighting champion, so Karen Jarrett can send whoever she wants at her. Rosemary said things are not over yet with Sienna and the hive will come back stronger.


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