Sasha Banks Catches Bayley Being A "Nerd" (Video), John Cena, WWE Looks At Forgotten Wrestling Games

- Above is the latest Hard Nocks South Life where John Cena does numerous leg workouts. The Bella Twins YouTube channel is at 755k subscribers and Nikki Bella is already asking fans on social media what they should make Cena do once they hit one million.

- With so many wrestling video games to come out over the years, WWE looked at five that fans may have forgotten. The list includes: Showdown: Legends of Wrestling (2004), WWE Betrayal (2001), WCW Backstage Assault (2000), ECW Hardcore Revolution (2000), and WWE Crush Hour (2003).

- After not only debuting, but winning her first match at MSG, Bayley had to see if she could come back for more. Bayley recorded a video of herself talking to a poster of Triple H, until she noticed Sasha Banks was also recording her. Below is Bayley's video and then Sasha's video, with the caption "NERD."


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