Shocking Superstar Confessions (Video), Triple H Birthday - WWE Network, Battleground Sale

- Above, WWE looked at 10 of the most shocking confessions. It includes: Kurt Angle revealing his long lost son, Jason Jordan, Cass admitting he was the one who attacked Enzo, Shane McMahon owning WCW, and Vince McMahon being "The Higher Power," among others.

- Triple H's birthday is coming up next week and on Friday the WWE Network will celebrate by having multiple shows featuring "The King of Kings." Starting off at 3pm ET with Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come will then be followed by three events: Triple H's first WCW PPV match, his first Intercontinental title win, and the 2016 Royal Rumble when he captured the WWE Championship.

- WWE Shop's latest sale is 20% Off orders over $25, 25% off orders over $50, and 30% off orders over $75 by using the code BATTLE at checkout and clicking here. The sale ends on July 22 at 11:59pm PT.


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