Yesterday we asked who would win the Punjabi Prison match at tonight's Battleground PPV (updated card here). The vote was a landslide with Jinder Mahal picking up the win over Randy Orton. The consensus was that it really wouldn't make sense to have Mahal lose in this spot, not only considering the match, but if WWE is trying to put the champion over, a loss to Orton would basically ruin all of that. Also, with SummerSlam on the horizon, people aren't really excited for this show, as a whole.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

El Perro That runs the kennel:
"We'll be the winners, as we are about to witness the greatest Punjabi Prison match of all time."

Broken Swiss Superman:
"This PPV is totally a filler show until SummerSlam. Special edition of SmackDown on a Sunday night."

LL Cool Mr. Fox:
"The problem with Orton starting so young - and pretty much only being a WWE guy in his career - is that we've had 15 years of Orton with very little break to refresh him. Unlike a Cena, who falls in the same category and had great guys with different styles to work with and learn from. Orton seems to be stuck working the same style, which is fine in some cases, but really dull in others."

"Wanna make the match more interesting? Put two Bengal tigers outside the first cage to await the first guy who escapes."