WCPW Pro Wrestling World Cup Bracket Revealed: Will Ospreay Facing Big Name

Over the last few months, WhatCulture Wrestling has been holding qualifying tournaments for their upcoming Pro Wrestling World Cup tournament, which will take place on August 23, 24, and 26. A total of eight 8-man qualifying tournaments were held with each leg featuring wrestlers from their respective countries: England, Scotland, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Japan, USA, and a Rest of the World leg that had stars from other countries. Two wrestlers from each of those tournaments would then go on to the 16-man Pro Wrestling World Cup tournament. With nearly all of the qualifiers done, WCPW held a drawing (video above) earlier today to decide the final bracket.

Kushida vs. Kenny Williams
#1 USA Winner vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
Hiromu Takahashi vs. Lucky Kid
Joe Coffey vs. Michael Elgin
#1 Rest of the World Winner vs. #2 USA Winner
Bad Bones vs. Penta El Zero M (Pentagon Jr.)
Will Ospreay vs. Rey Mysterio
Mike Bailey vs. #2 Rest of the World Winner

There are still four mystery wrestlers as the USA and Rest of the World legs have yet to be determined. WCPW released this bracket now because they wanted fans who were buying tickets for the first show to get a clearer picture of the card.

Here's what the full bracket looks like:


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