Wrestling Fans On Trump's CNN - WWE Tweet (Video), Renee Young's Nicki Minaj Challenge, WWE Stock

- Jesse Watters brought his Watter's World segment to Friday's WWE live event at Madison Square Garden to interview WWE fans on President Donald Trump's recent CNN - WWE video. It appears most fans interviewed enjoyed the video. Above is video from the segment.

- WWE stock was up 0.15% today, closing at $20.59 per share. Today's high was $20.82 and the low was $20.44.

- Rapper Nicki Minaj recently inspired a new social media challenge after stunting for her fans on Instagram, bragging about her jet-setting lifestyle. She posted a video last month and made the comments, "This is how bad b-----s leave London and go to Prague. Some of you b-----s can't even spell Prague."

As seen below, Renee Young took part in the Nicki Minaj Challenge while backstage this afternoon. The Bella Twins' Twitter account posted this video:


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