WWE 205 Live Results (7/11): I Quit Match Leads To Dar-Fox Breakup, Neville Attacks Tozawa And More

Airing Live From The AT&T Center In San Antonio, Texas

The show kicks off with Akira Tozawa backstage, He is listening to Titus O'Neill on a speaker phone. Titus hypes up Akira and tells him that he is working hard to get Tozawa a cruiserweight championship rematch with Neville. Ariya Daivari walks in on the conversation and hangs up on Titus. Daivari tells Akira that his career is being mismanaged. Ariya tells Akira that he has no honor after what he did to Neville last night on Raw. Daivari cites Iranian wrestler Hassan Yasdani for his honor and integrity and dedicates his match tonight against Akira to his idol.

After the opening 205 Live theme plays, Vic Joseph and Corey Graves intro and hype the show from ringside.

Akira Tozawa vs. Ariya Daivari

Tozawa takes the fight to Daivari early on and starts up his rallying cry. Ariya battles back and grounds Akira. Tozawa shows off his elusiveness to retake control of the match. After a flurry of moves, Akira takes down Daivari with a judo throw suplex. This leads to Akira going to the top rope to hit his finisher. Neville shows up and knocks Tozawa down to the outside floor and the bell is called for.

Akira Tozawa defeats Ariya Daivari by disqualification

Neville beats Tozawa down and throws him into the ringside barricade twice. The cruiserweight champ then drags Tozawa into the ring and strikes him down with a stiff kick. Neville then slaps on the Rings of Saturn and refuses to release the hold. He eventually does and Neville then stands over a fallen Tozawa.

Corey Graves and Vic Joseph recap Neville's attack at the broadcast table. They then cue to highlights of an "indiscretion" that Drew Gulak had two weeks ago against Mustafa Ali, an apology video then airs with Drew Gulak. He is standing behind a podium with a No Fly Zone sign to the left of him. Gulak apologizes for diving off the top rope onto Ali two weeks back. He says that he was simply scouting his opponent from the top rope and then made the mistake of diving onto him. Gulak promises to deliver a better 205 Live and then challenges Ali to a 2 out of 3 falls rematch next week on 205 Live. With the premise that he will go to war with Ali in a battle of their ideals.

Back at the broadcast table, Vic Joseph tries to get the scoop on Kurt Angle from Corey Graves but Corey refuses to divulge any info..... A video then follows of the recent storyline between the decade long friendship of Rich Swann and TJP, where Swann has been trying to get Perkins to go back to who he used to be.

Rich Swann vs. Mario Connors

After Swann makes his entrance, TJP's music hits and he makes his way to ringside to watch the match.

Connors gets a decent amount of offense in. He gets things going his way temporarily with a stiff martial arts kick. Connors then nearly pulls the upset after connecting with a tilt a whirl DDT. Swann then gets things back in his favor by hitting a flurry of offensive moves, leading into his phoenix splash finisher, which secures the victory for the former cruiserweight champion.

Rich Swann defeats Mario Connors by pinfall

TJP gets on the mic and addresses Rich after his victory. He asks Swann if he is impressed with what he just did and that he expected more from Swann after he beat TJP last week. Perkins says that if he faced Connors, he would have beaten him in half the time. TJP then addresses a fallen Mario Connors and challenges to an immediate match. Connors accepts the challenge. TJP adds the stipulation that the time it took, Swann to beat Connors goes up on the titan tron. The official time of the fall was 3:49.

TJP vs. Mario Connors

After a near scare for Perkins, where Connors counters TJP's knee bar and rolls him up for a near pin fall. TJP disposes of Connors quickly with the detonation kick in 28 seconds.

TJP defeats Mario Connors by pinfall in 28 seconds

Jack Gallagher's music hits but The Brian Kendrick walks out dressed up as Gallagher instead. He mocks Gallagher's voice and style. Kendrick calls Gallagher a fraud, clown and third rate William Regal. Kendrick is tired of Gallagher being liked by the fans. Kendrick talks about all the hard work, he put in to earn everything he has and make his way back to the WWE, while the fans love Gallagher even though he hasn't achieved anything. Jack Gallagher comes out and asks pardon for his interruption. He tells Kendrick that he doesn't know about how hard he has fought since he was a teenager. Gallagher cites how Kendrick squandered his early opportunity in the WWE. Gallagher calls being in the WWE, and on 205 Live a privilege. He then says that he is not a third rate William Regal but a first rate Jack Gallagher. Both men then stand toe to toe in the ring. Gallagher and Kendrick start exchanging blows. Kendrick gets the upper hand using his umbrella. He strikes Gallagher repeatedly with it, before officials come out to break up the attack.

Prior to this week's main event. A video package airs that chronicles the complete history between Alicia Fox, Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar, leading into tonight's I Quit Match. The whole storyline dates back to when 205 Live debuted on the network several months back.

Cedric Alexander vs. Noam Dar w/Alicia Fox

An early stalemate between these two leads to a slugfest. Alexander rocks Dar to the mat with a dropkick. The action spills to the outside and Alexander throws Dar into the barricade next to Alicia Fox. After taking a beating, Dar is asked by the ref if he wants to quit. Noam refuses. Alexander then attempts to suplex Dar onto the steel steps but Noam takes out Cedric's legs and he takes a nasty fall. Alexander is prematurely asked by the ref if he wants to quit, of which he refuses to do. Dar then takes Alexander into the ring and applies an arm bar submission. Alexander refuses to quit. Dar then goes to work on Cedric's opposite arm, he removes the protective padding on the steel rod attached to the turnbuckles. This strategy backfires on Dar when Cedric traps Noam's fingers in between the steel rod.

The two men battle on the apron and Cedric ends up kicking Dar in the back of the head. Noam falls to the outside and then Alexander attempts to leap onto him but misses. Dar clips Alexander's knee when he charges at him. Noam then applies a leg wrench but can't get Cedric to quit. When Alexander gets back to his feet, he creates some separation with a stiff elbow to Dar's jaw. Alexander then hits Dar with a DDT on the ramp way. Both men struggle to get back to their feet after this. When Dar backpedals to the opposite side of the ring, Alexander chases him down and then soars over the top with a somersault dive. Moments later, Dar rallies by countering Cedric over the announce table. Dar grabs a chair but his hesitation costs him as Cedric recovers and leaps off the table onto him. The tables turn quickly when Dar and Alexander get back in the ring, as Dar takes out Alexander's knee. Noam then sets up a chair inside the ring. When Dar tries to throw Cedric into it, Alexander counters with a handspring elbow. Alexander then traps Dar's left hand inside the steel chair. Cedric stomps on Dar's left hand and asks him to say the words "I Quit". Dar refuses to but when Alexander repeatedly leaps onto Dar's hand, Noam screams out the words I Quit.

Cedric Alexander defeats Noam Dar in an I Quit Match

After the match, Noam Dar grabs a mic and says I quit several times and then tells Alicia Fox that he quits her. Fox is stunned. Dar goes on to say that he is the youngest superstar on the entire WWE roster. He reveals that he was never really into Fox and that Alicia is stupider than she looks. Dar turns the crowd against him after they initially cheer him for dumping Alicia. Noam continues to belittle Alicia. Dar says that he used Alicia and that as the "Scottish Supernova", Dar has women all over the country. Noam says that he used Alicia for notoriety. Dar then leans over to Alicia, while she is crying in the corner. Dar tells Alicia that she means nothing to him. The show closes with Noam Dar walking off, with Alicia Fox being left in the ring in tears.


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