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Tonight's show will feature Drew Gulak vs. Mustafa Ali in a two-out-of-three falls match.

- We kick things off with a video package reviewing the history between Mustafa Ali and Drew Gulak, which boils down to Ali's high-flying style vs. Gulak's ground game.

- Vic Joseph and Corey Graves welcome us to the show as they preview Akira Tozawa and Ariya Daivari, which will take place later tonight.

Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak (2-out-of-3 Falls Match)

Gulak keeps things on the ground early on, but Ali is able to counter his way into control. Ali with an early pinning combination that lands the first fall. It pretty much came out of nowhere and Gulak is really mad that he was bested at his own game. He's tears off the top of the announce table in anger before getting back into the ring.

Ali up 1-0

Gulak switches up to striking as he tries to slow Ali down. Toss to the corner, Ali with a back handspring counter and pops Gulak. Ali to the apron, elbow to Gulak, flips in, and he rolls Gulak up for another pin, two-count. Gulak recovers, lands some elbows, works on Ali enough to go for a pin, only gets a two-count. Reverse headlock by Gulak, Ali grounded in the corner as Gulak taunts him "You will never be a success!" Ali seems to get pumped up by the taunt and goes to work on Gulak. Ali tossed into the corner, counter-kick, cutter, and Gulak goes to the outside. Ali with a kick to Gulak, both men on the outside, Ali tossed into the timekeeper area. He jumps the barricade and hits a hurricanrana to put Gulak down. Action goes back into the ring, Ali attempts to go up to the top and Gulak yanks him down to the mat. Gulak locks in a dragon sleeper for a tap!

Tied up 1-1

We are down to the final fall, Ali with an inside cradle pin early on, but just a two count. Gulak goes right into more rest holds. Ali attempts to climb up the ropes and Gulak with another counter into a pin for two. Inverted Hurricanrana by Ali! Both men seem to be nearly out of gas. Gulak to the outside, Ali up to the top rope, and he hits a front flip on Gulak to the floor! Probably got the biggest pop out of the crow, who has been really quite for most of this match. Ali tosses his opponent back into the ring. Ali with a splash that gets reversed into a pin for a 2! Ali goes for a tornado DDT, suplex by Gulak right into the corner.

Gulak tries to use brute force, but keeps getting countered. Ali lands a big move off the top and only gets a two-count. Crowd reacts to the kick-out, thought it could have been over. Gulak gets rolled up, dragon sleeper by Gulak, Ali rolls out of it. Gulak is trying to figure out how to end this and climbs nervously to the top rope, knees are shaking as he looks to the crowd. He looks around and decides not to go for it, but Ali hits a big counter to send him crashing down to the mat. Inverted 450 by Ali and that wins it!

Winner: Mustafa Ali via Pinfall (2-to-1 Falls)

- We see a recap of Ariya Daivari vs. Akira Tozawa from last night when Titus O'Neil decided to end the match for Tozawa when his shoulder injury became obvious. Tozawa was not happy with O'Neil's decision and wanted a rematch tonight. A clip of Apollo Crews and Tozawa is shown from earlier today. Crews tries to explain that O'Neil was just trying to protect his investment. Crews can see Tozawa isn't healed up, but supports him either way.

- Backstage, The Brian Kendrick is shown heading to the ring.

The Brian Kendrick vs. Devin Bennett

Before the match gets started Kendrick talks to Bennett about Jack Gallagher and how people should fight the right way, his way. Not like Gallagher, who have goofy gimmicks and are like "Clowns." He thinks Bennett should just quit right now, "Do you think you can beat me?" and Bennett says "Yes, I can." Match gets started and Kendrick instantly beats down Bennett, "Are you a fighter or a clown?" Kendrick yells at his opponent over and over. Bennett finally gets in a strike, which enrages Kendrick who hits a big kick and locks in the Captain's Hook for the win.

Winner: The Brian Kendrick via Submission

- Recap of last week's Cedric Alexander vs. Noam Dar in an "I Quit" match. Cedric eventually won after he put Dar's arm between a chair and stomped continuously on it until Dar quit. Post-match Dar breaks up with Alicia Fox, "You mean nothing to me."

- Backstage, Dasha Fuentes is with TJP. We see a recap of TJP and Rich Swann having back-to-back matches with some poor soul. TJP was able to win his match quicker than Swann. TJP says Swann can't stand coming in second to him, first the CWC, and now that match. TJP says Rich is his friend and he does want to make it up to him, so next week, TJP is going to arrange some real competition. He'll pick a partner, Swann will pick a partner, and they will have a tag match.

Ariya Daivari vs. Akira Tozawa

Daivari out first, he gets on the mic and promotes his home country of Iran and an Iranian Gold Medal Freestyle Wrestler from the 50s. Tozawa out next with his shoulder taped up and no Titus. Daivari trying to focus on the shoulder, but has zero luck early on as Tozawa lays him out multiple times. Daivari goes for a splash in the counter, completely misses. Daivari to the apron, yanks Tozawa's arm on the ropes and now Daivari has some momentum as goes to work on Tozawa's shoulder. Multiple moves crank on the bad shoulder as Tozawa yells in agony. He finally gets Daivari down and gets back into the ring. It's not long before Daivari is back on the floor and Tozawa hits a big suicide dive! Probably not the smartest move as he's now in a lot of pain as the referee begins his 10-count on both men.

Action moves back into the ring, Tozawa with a quick pin, 2-count. Shining Wizard by Tozawa lands flush, another pin, another two! The crowd gets the "Ah!" chant going as he gets caught by Daivari who continues to focus on the shoulder. Daivari to the top and lands a frog splash on Tozawa's back. He goes for the pin, only a two-count, despite trying to hold the tights. Tozawa tries for a roll-up and his own handful of trunks to get the 1-2-3! Daivari is not happy and after the match throws Tozawa into the ring post. Tozawa is in a lot of pain on the outside and we're out!

Winner: Akira Tozawa via Pinfall