WWE Battleground: The New Day Vs. The Usos (SmackDown Tag Team Title Match)

SmackDown Tag Team Title Match: The New Day vs. The Usos

We go right to the ring as The New Day comes out.

Tom introduces some of the international announce teams at ringside. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos are out next.

Kofi nails a dropkick on Jey Uso to start the match and takes control. Xavier Woods tags in and they double team Uso with several moves as Big E looks on from ringside. Woods works over Uso but Jimmy Uso tags himself in and they turn it around with some double teaming. Uso beats Woods down. The referee is distracted by Kofi, allowing more cheap shots. The Usos keep control as fans try to rally for Woods. Woods catches a kick but Uso comes right back with a kick to the face for a 2 count. Jey drops Woods again and in comes Jimmy for more double teaming. Uso stomps away in the corner now. Jimmy charges and hits the Umaga splash for a 2 count.

Jimmy chokes Woods with the rope and distracts the referee, allowing Jey to connect with a boot to the head. Jey tags back in comes off the top with a shot to the chest right after Jimmy nails a backbreaker. Jey takes Woods to the corner and rocks him after placing him on the top. He follows up with chops. Uso climbs up for a superplex but Woods fights him. Woods headbutts Jey to the mat. Woods nails a missile dropkick.

Kofi tags in and unloads on both of the champions. Kofi drops Jimmy as he charges. Kofi with the Boom Drop on Jimmy. Fans rally for The New Day again. Jimmy avoids a Trouble In Paradise. Kofi goes to the apron. Both champs get dumped to the floor. Woods tags in but Kofi goes to the top and leaps back onto The Usos but they catch him and double powerbomb him onto the floor. Fans boo. Woods comes over but gets caught with an uppercut.

Jimmy brings Woods back in after wasting a bit of time on the floor. Jimmy goes for the big splash but misses. Woods drops Jimmy with a new move for a close 2 count. Jimmy blocks the Honor Roll and leaves Woods laying. Jey comes in and Woods gets tossed into a Samoan Drop for a close 2 count. Big E can't believe it. Kofi is still down on the floor. Woods counters Uso but they turn it right back around. Woods fights both champs off again from the apron and nails an enziguri to Jey. Woods goes to the top, walks the rope and leaps for an elbow drop but Jimmy kicks him in mid-air. Woods still finds a way to kick out and no one can believe it.

Jimmy applies the crab now but Woods is close to the rope. Uso tightens it and brings Woods to the middle of the ring. Fans rally and Big E cheers Woods on. The hold is finally broken. Uso argues with the referee. Kofi finally comes back and tags in. They hit the Midnight Hour but Uso kicks out right before the 3 count. Kofi springboards in but lands on his feet and eats a superkick from Jimmy. Jey tags in and hits the big splash but Kofi still kicks out at 2.

Fans chant "this is awesome" now. The Usos climb both turnbuckles but Woods takes Jey out. Jimmy leaps to Kofi but he moves out of the way. Kofi drops Uso with Trouble In Paradise. Woods nails the big elbow drop on Uso and covers for the pin.

Winners and New SmackDown Tag Team Champions: The New Day

After the match, the new champions celebrate as Greg Hamilton makes the announcement. We get replays and come back to The New Day celebrating with their titles.

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