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Tonight’s episode will feature an NXT Championship match between the newly invigorated Roderick Strong against the Glorious Champion, Bobby Roode.

– We open up with a preview video of Roode vs. Strong, which will be our title main event.

– Footage of Roderick Strong arriving at Full Sail with his fiance, young child, and other family members.

Kassius Ohno & Hideo Itami vs. SAnitY (Wolfe/Dain)

Ohno and Wolfe start us off as the crowd comes up with a “Hide-Ohno” team name for the faces. The educated feet of Itami and Ohno prevail early on with a ton of kicks. Itami sends Wolfe to the corner, drapes him across the ropes, takes out Dain as well, but Wolfe able to recover and hits a jaw breaker using the top rope as a slingshot. We go to our first break.

We’re back and Wolfe in firm control. Knee shots and some simple boots to the face keep momentum. Dain tagged in, goes for a quick cover, but not so close. Itami crawling to the corner and Dain playfully lets him get close to Ohno before locking in a neck submission, all while slightly reopening Itami’s busted nose. Itami goes for a tag, but Ohno nowhere to be found as he was dealing with a Wolfe in sheep’s concert attire. Ohno back, but Itami has no interest in tagging out. He keeps going to work on Wolfe as Ohno pleas for a tag. Falcon Arrow by Itami, but gets side swiped by Dain. Ohno hops in and levels the playing field, but berates his partner for not tagging him in. Running kick from Itami to Wolfe. The German star gets put on Itami’s shoulders, but Dain makes a blind tag. Itami hits the GTS on Wolfe, who is no longer the legal man. Dain hops in and takes out Itami with a running cross body for the three count.

Winners via Pinfall: SAnitY

– We go to the Performance Center where media is interviewing Ember Moon. She talks about the ultimate goal being Asuka and the championship. Ruby Riot interrupts and says that Moon had her shot, but she has still yet to get one. Ember seems to be fine taking her out on her way to Asuka.

– Footage of last week’s Last Woman Standing match for the NXT Women’s Championship, in which Asuka retained her title after a huge spot off a ladder through a table to keep Cross down for the ten count. Asuka has been on social media lately saying there’s no worthy opponents for her on NXT, and that she’ll return when there is one.

– Backstage interview with Drew McIntyre. He looks forward to tonight’s title match, but wants to join the lineage of NXT Champions who have set the world on fire and went on to lead the industry.

– Recap of the Ciampa and Gargano saga from NXT TakeOver: Chicago. It’s announced that Johnny Gargano will return to NXT next week.

– Kayla Braxton interviews the Iconic Duo, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, who look a bit somber. They talk about their transgressions lately. There’s some yelling in the background, which ends up being Andrade Almas and Thea Trinidad. They walk away and Almas calls her “loca.”

– Footage of Bianca Belair’s qualifying match for the Mae Young Classic, where she defeated Aliyah.

– Recap of the Strong/Roode feud, including footage from Roddy’s vignettes and the promos leading up to tonight’s match, which is up next.

Roderick Strong vs. Bobby Roode (c) (NXT Championship Match)

Strong is short spoken when interviewed before his entrance, while Roode says Strong has been living a fairy tale the last few weeks. Roode says Strong is about to face his reality on the opposite side of the ring, which is GLORIOUS. They get the spotlight treatment for intros, and we’re off.

The bell rings and they lock up. Strong gets the best of the first exchange and Roode quickly gets under the ropes to require a break. Roode gets the best of the second lock up with a bit of chain wrestling and a dash of disrespect. Roode winds up for the big Glorious chant, but a drop kick knocks him into next week. Strong follows it up with another, but only a one count. Whip exchange ends with Strong executing his specialty, a back breaker, as we go to break.

We’re back and Strong still on top. Love how the announcers make it known that the winner’s purse is bigger in order for him to provide for his family. Boot from Roode, blockbuster. Roode literally chopping down Strong with strikes. Roode goes for the Glorious DDT early, but Strong successfully blocks and reverses into a back breaker. Wrecking ball drop kick from Strong on the outside sending Roode up the ramp. Now Strong using chops on Roode on the outside. He continues to chase Roode around the outside, but his leg gets caught between the steel steps and the ring. Roode takes advantage with a few kicks to the stairs further trapping Strong’s leg. Roode gets Strong back into the squared circle and works over the injured left knee with a variety of submissions and strikes. Strong’s mom and fiance looking a bit worried at ringside as Roddy struggles to gain footing. Nigel with a great point of Roode exploiting Shinsuke Nakamura’s knee to gain and retain the title. Roode gloats in the middle of the ring, but Strong creates some space. Roode blocks a shot to the knee, rolls Roode up, but only a two. Big lariat from Roode takes out Strong as we go to our next break.

Roode still in control upon return and the left knee is still firmly on the menu. Ranallo makes reference to Roode as an “accomplished tag team wrestler” and a student of the game. A kick from Strong creates a bit of space as the crowd and his family cheers him on. Drop toe hold from Strong sends Roode face-first into the turnbuckle. Strong reverses an Irish whip and the house afire commences. Strong with a bevy of shots and suplexes. Huge back breaker by Strong gets the first close near fall of the match. Strong lifts Roode up on his shoulders, but Roode slips out and chop blocks the injured leg. Fun exchange from a spin toe hold to a cover for a near fall for Strong. Spine buster out of nowhere by Roode. Strong with a reversal into a gut buster for a long two count. Roode laying on the apron just outside the ropes and appeared to be playing possum as he trips up the challenger and wraps Strong’s injured leg around the ring post. Step up enziguri by Strong stuns the champ who was perched on the top rope. Strong drops Roode flat on his back onto the top turnbuckle. Roode smartly rolls out. Strong goes for the pin upon return for the near fall. Strong goes quickly for a corner attack and almost hits the official. This allows Roode to hit the Glorious DDT for a long two. This wakes up the crowd in Strong’s favor. Roode resorting to taunting the family of Strong at ringside while the challenger is down. Knee strikes set up a huge back breaker by Strong.

Pin is made, the three is counted, but the referee realizes Roode’s foot was under the rope on the three count. As Strong celebrates with his family, he breaks the bad news, then Roode attacks the knee from behind. Roode slams Strong right in front of his family. He sends Strong back into the ring, proceeds to hit the Glorious DDT for the third total time, and the champ retains.

Winner via Pinfall and STILL NXT Champion: Bobby Roode

– Roode celebrates on the ramp and blows Strong a kiss as Strong and family console each other in a losing effort. The crowd chants Strong’s name as we head off the air.