WWE NXT Results (7/12): Tag Team Championship Match, Bobby Fish Debuts, Gargano Returns, More

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Tonight's episode features the return of Johnny Gargano, after being turned on by former DIY partner Tommaso Ciampa.

- We kick off the show looking at Ciampa and Gargano's history as DIY and the ultimate turn where Ciampa decimated his former partner and best friend at NXT TakeOver: Chicago.

- The announce team officially welcomes us to the show and hypes Gargano's appearance later tonight. We look back at Roderick Strong's loss from last week and a backstage look at Strong and his family. They announce Bobby Roode is at NXT tonight and we'll hear from him later. We also have an NXT Tag Team Championship match between AOP and Heavy Machinery.

Aleister Black vs. Bobby Fish

Fish makes his NXT debut to a nice pop, but Black doesn't seem to be phased. They feel each other out early, swinging and missing with a couple minor attacks. Arm wringer by Black, but Fish able to reverse out, only to be reversed right back. Nice rope exchange ends with Black bouncing off of Fish's back and landing Indian Style to set the table with the mind games. Fish able to land a few strikes and push Black to the ropes in a very rare vulnerable position. Black rattles off a series of Muay Thai strikes to send Fish reeling to the outside. We head to break.

We're back and Fish throwing left hooks to the midsection of Black. Dragon screw take down evens the odds. Black looking tested as he has been since his debut, and rightly to another debuting star. Black going sleeping with the Fishes, but able to reverse. Fish hooks it in again, but another reversal. Big knee by Black but Fish able to block an attack and turn it into a nice suplex. Fish getting a bit cocky now, which may not be the best idea. Haymakers are thrown with arms and legs from both men. Fantastic reverse springboard dive by Black followed up by a high knee. Black is tired of all of this nonsense and proceeds to hit the Black Mass kick for the win. Nice debut for Fish.

Winner via Pinfall: Aleister Black

- A look back at last week's match where Ohno and Itami teamed up against SAnitY. We get a look backstage after the match. Itami blames the loss on Ohno. Kassius says Itami needs to take some accountability and has changed since Chicago. Ohno says he's about action and is done talking about the situation.

- Mae Young qualifying match up next between two non-NXT talents.

- Street Profits promo. Looks like a fun group where we see footage of them at the PC and on live events. They debut soon.

- Kayla Braxton attempts to interview the Velveteen Dream, who's a bit uncooperative. He exits the building.

Vanessa Borne vs. Jayme Hachey (May Young Classic Qualifying Match)

Anxiously awaiting Vanessa's "I was Borne for this" promo, but no dice. Borne takes down Hachey and a running kick keeps the upper hand. Hachey clearly the more powerful competitor using it to her advantage for a slam. Submission applied by Hachey, but Borne fights her way out. Borne goes on a tirade of not so stiff chops. She's able to lift up the larger competitor for a nice spinning slam for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Vanessa Borne

- We're shown video from after last week's NXT when Dain and Wolfe attacked Drew McIntyre as he's leaving the building. There were no trash cans harmed in the making of this segment...I don't think.

- Backstage with Bobby Roode and Mr. William Regal. The NXT GM says that McIntyre and Dain are both undefeated and showing interest in the title. Roode says that both he and Regal are both smart business men, but he could beat either competitor any of the day of the week. Regal suggests that by putting Dain and McIntyre against each other, that Roode would like to see the two big guys tear each other apart. Bobby denies, but Regal says that match will take place next week. The winner will face Roode at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn.

- Johnny Gargano makes his return to NXT and Full Sail Arena gives him a nice welcome and "Johnny Wrestling" chant. Gargano takes the mic and says he's been gone awhile and missed the ring and NXT Universe. Gargano says he used to get excited when he heard DIY's music, but not anymore. He didn't think the guy he'd take a bullet for would be the one to pull the trigger on him. He says he doesn't think he'll ever understand why Ciampa did what he did. He says he won't dwell on the past and wants to get back in the ring where he belongs. Gargano says Brooklyn is the biggest show of the year and he has to be on it. He says he needs to get back to being Johnny Gargano, and most of all, Johnny Wrestling. His new theme plays as he celebrates his return with the crowd.

- Tale of the tape for tonight's main event. There will be a combined 1205 pounds of beef in the NXT Championship match up next.

Authors of Pain (c) vs. Heavy Machinery (NXT Tag Team Championship Match)

Knight and Akam start us off. They lock up and Akam looking for double underhooks. Knight with a waist lock takes him to the rope, but a well placed elbow by Akam off the break creates space. Splashes from Knight but another elbow evens the score. Tags made to both partners. A nose-to-nose face off between Razar and Dozovic gets the crowd fired up. Otis doesn't go down off a clothesline. Dozovic able to take down Razar for one of the few times we've seen since their debut. All four men in a standoff as we go to break.

We're back and AOP on top for the moment. Razar working over the neck of Knight, but the Knight Train wants to keep riding. Rest hold getting a bit long in the tooth, but the crowd tries to fire Knight up, only for Razar to chop the big man back down. Akam tagged in. Knight with another attempt at getting to his partner, but unable to do so. Quick and efficient tags from AOP now for some classic tag team strategy. Blind tag made and Knight takes out the wrong partner. Knight gets impressively picked up and a tandem offense move keeps the momentum in AOP's favor. Knight calling for more punishment. He finally gets separated and clotheslines AOP out of their shoes. Hot tag to Dozovic. He mows down Akam and hits Razar with a huge belly-to-belly (pun intended). Power slam by Dozovic. Assisted body slam as Heavy Machinery sacrifices their own body for the titles. Only a two count. Akam plants Dozovic out of nowhere. Tag made and AOP hits the Last Chapter to retain the titles. Nice hoss battle.

Winners via Pinfall: Authors of Pain

- AOP remains undefeated as Heavy Machinery regroups on the ramp. AOP celebrates their victory at ringside until SAnitY's music hits. Dain, Wolfe, and Cross come to the ramp and stare at AOP. Pages from the "Book of Pain" rain down from the heavens to begin a bit of a mind game with the tag champs.


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