WWE RAW Talk Recap: WWE GBOF Fallout, Guests Include Big Cass, Sasha Banks, And Miztourage

Welcome to the WrestlingINC.com live coverage of WWE RAW Talk. Guests include Big Cass, Sasha Banks, and The Miztourage.

- Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg are our hosts and they react to the main event where Lesnar retained the WWE Universal Championship against Samoa Joe. They also do a recap of of the much talked about Ambulance Match between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman. We see footage of the ambulance crash and the duo talk about what's next for Strowman and Reigns.

- Big Cass joins the show. He says Enzo has ran his mouth for far too long, and tonight he humbled him. When asked about his goals, Cass says he wants Lesnar and wants to main event WrestleMania. Renee brings up that this is the building where Enzo and Cass debuted in as a team last year. Cass says there's no need to look back at the past, but to the future. Renee asks about the reaction he's gotten since his turn. He says it's no different than before, since they never chanted for him anyway and always Enzo. Cass says some fans cheered his win tonight, but that's only because they read the internet and think they're smart and jump on the bandwagon. Cass says the Enzo chapter is closed and that Enzo shouldn't want to deal with him anymore. Cass says he can go toe-to-toe with Lesnar and declares himself the next Universal Champ. Cass says someone in NXT once told him he was nothing without Enzo and they were nothing more than an opening act. He says he's proved his critics wrong.

- Young and Rosenberg acknowledge that Rosenberg is a heat magnet and that Peter has a bit of a past with Big Cass.

- Sasha Banks joins the show. She says she was very close to the win. Even though it wasn't the official result she wanted, Banks says she's smarter and faster than Bliss. Banks rags Bliss being a fake fan of the industry and that she can't tell Jeff and Matt Hardy apart. Banks says Bliss is getting what she wants by getting all the fame with Total Divas and the like, but the girls see through her lies. Banks goes on a confident roll touting how great she is and how Bliss hasn't worked her way up. Banks says she will teach Bliss to respect the business.

- We move to talking about the main event. The hosts put over the match and Joe for going toe-to-toe with Lesnar. They acknowledge that Heyman seemed to take Joe more seriously than most of Lesnar's opponents.

- Miz joins the show joined by Maryse and the Miztourage. Miz throwing it in Renee's face that he retained the IC Title over her husband once again. Rosenberg says that Miz got a bit of help in the win, but Miz asks him to shush. Renee points out that Miz has been hiding behind Maryse's skirt and now behind Axel and Dallas. Miz says you don't have to like the way he wins or his matches, but he's been here for twelve years. Rosenberg asks Bo Dallas how he feels now that he's associated with Miz. Dallas says he's not been involved in a PPV for over two years. Miz has given him an avenue to excel after being comic relief. Axel says it's not about what you know, but who you know, and he knows the Miz. If you look like a star and act like a star, then you are a star. Miz says he makes the IC Title prestigious. When asked about what's next, Miz says he takes on all comers.

- As Miz finishes up his promo, the theme music hits and we go off the air.


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