WWE Taking Steps To Bringing Back PPV?, Ric Flair On His ESPN 30 For 30, Titus O'Neil

- Above, Titus O'Neil visited the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC. The museum opened in September of last year.

- According to PWInsider, WWE has recently applied to trademark the Taboo Tuesday PPV name that was used in 2004 and 2005. This was the initial name for Cyber Sunday (2006-2008), which allowed fans to decide match stipulations/challengers for the show. If WWE was thinking about bringing back this type of PPV, this would be the necessary first steps towards doing so.

- Ric Flair was on The Roman Show and spoke about his upcoming ESPN 30-for-30, Nature Boy. The premiere will be on Tuesday, November 7 at 10pm ET on ESPN. On the episode, Flair said:

"I think they are going to see a whole different side of wrestling. They'll see the commitment I made to wrestling and some of the mistakes I made for my family. I used to wrestle 365 days a year, twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday. I don't think people know that- for twenty years. I think I'll be a folk hero with men but all women will despise me."


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