WWE Talking Smack Recap: Jinder Mahal, Kevin Owens, Natalya Talk WWE Battleground

Welcome to WrestlingINC.com's live coverage of WWE Talking Smack. Tonight's episode will feature stories and guests from tonight's biggest matches and title changes. Our hosts for the evening are expected to be Renee Young and Jerry "The King" Lawler.

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- Young and Lawler welcome us to the show and explain their shock at the appearance of Great Khali in the main event. Nice touch of red in the set. Young says she doesn't know where Orton goes from here on the SmackDown LIVE landscape.

- Kevin Owens quickly interrupts and essentially takes credit for the cancellation of Talking Smack. They talk about the ref bump and Owens' title win, which is his third reign with the US Title. King gives Owens credit for not tapping while the referee was out cold. Owens says he's elite and doesn't tap. The hosts talk about Owens' loss at MSG. Owens says WWE can't have an event at MSG without him, since he has always been on shows there even if it wasn't his brand. Renee and Owens have a quick spat talking about the cancellation of the weekly show. They talk about a potential rematch between Owens and Styles at SummerSlam. They talk about the rematch clause being silly, although that's how he got his win back.

- King and Young talk about the Flag Match between Rusev and the American victor, John Cena. The Canadian in Renee Young was quite thrilled with Cena's win and they go on about how big of a win it was.

- Natalya joins the show and reminds us she's a Hart, if you weren't aware. Natalya says she finally got what she's deserved. Nattie says it felt good to end the "tea time" between Charlotte and Becky Lynch. King says Carmella picked Natalya on commentary, but Natalya says she doesn't trust Ms. Money in the Bank. Natalya runs down her competitors including saying Lana doesn't belong in the same ring as her. Natalya puts Naomi on blast and goes somewhat insensitive pertaining to Naomi's gimmick. She says she'll steal the show as she wins the title. When asked if Two Pawz will be at the biggest show of the summer, Natalya says the kitty doesn't leave the house for less than $10K per day.

- Lawler and Young talk about the tag team title match and how good the match was. King showing his age and ethnicity in talking about the rap battle from a few weeks ago.

- They talk about the Punjabi Prison match and bring up the structure. WWE Champion Jinder Mahal joins the show. He says he was the hardest working champion, but now also the smartest champion. Mahal says hes the 50th and the best WWE Champion. Mahal says everything he did tonight was within the rules, and that's why he picked the Punjabi Prison stipulation. King brings up a good point of how India should view him in how he won. Mahal says they're still proud either way and that fireworks are going off in celebration. Mahal says Orton's time is passed, and that he's just now entering his prime, and will go down as the greatest of all time. When asked about the Singh Brothers, Mahal says they are receiving medical attention, but are fine overall. Young asks a question, to which Mahal answers in Punjabi. He drops the mic and walks off. That's the end of the show.


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