Young Bucks Blame WWE Stars For Stolen Passport, Bucks In "Rolling Stone", NJPW G1 Climax Presser

- Earlier today, NJPW held a Press Conference featuring all of the participants (full list here) in the upcoming G1 Climax 27 tournament, which starts Monday, July 17 at 2am ET. The first show will be shown for free on NJPW World. Below is a photo of the wrestlers involved:

#g127 Coming Soon!! #G1climax27 #njpw

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- Rolling Stone followed The Young Bucks for a few days to give a backstage look at what their life is like on the road. The short article features about a 15 minute video (below) of the tag team.

- During a trip to Japan, Nick Jackson had his backpack stolen, which included his passport and about $2,000 worth of cash in it. According to Nick, the cash was from selling shirts. He just received a new passport and said the whole incident cost him $4,000 in total. He proceeded to put the blame on The Revival as the two teams are currently in a somewhat friendly social media rivalry.


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