AJ Styles On His WrestleMania Goal, WWE Being His "Home," Samoa Joe Having Sucess In WWE

AJ Styles spoke with Channel Guide Magazine on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

WWE being his home:

"I've become more comfortable. This is my home. As before, I was the new guy. Although I've been in the business for a long time, when you come to somebody else's house, it's a different story. Now to be part of this family, it means everything to me. I think maturity has a lot to do with that. As you get older, you mature. Even though guys and girls are adults when they finally get here, they are still a maturity that has to go on and an understanding of how this business works. That way you can be a better part of the team to put your best foot forward and make the team better and not just focus on yourself. If the team plays well, then everyone does well. That's what I want because this place is like a family, and I want everybody to do well."

Seeing friends and veterans make their way to WWE:

"Samoa Joe is one of my best friends, so to see him in the ring with Brock [Lesnar] and doing that stuff, it was pretty awesome to see that. Any time I see Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows doing their thing, I'm always excited for them. Then seeing others like a Bobby Roode, Bobby Fish, guys that. I like seeing them in that position and doing well."

WrestleMania Goal:

"There is the obvious milestone of main eventing WrestleMania. In the past, I have set things almost out of reach. That way if I reach that goal, then what an amazing trip that was. Then if I don't, it was kind of out of my reach anyway. So, there are things like that I work to and look forward to. I always prepare for the next big thing."

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Channel Guide Magazine


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