Alexa Bliss On Wanting To Prove Herself In The Ring At WWE SummerSlam, Her Love For Talking Smack

Brian Fritz of Between the Ropes spoke with Raw Women's Champion, Alexa Bliss, at the WWE 2K18 event on Friday in New York City, as seen in the video above. During the interview, Bliss spoke about how it's important to prove herself in this upcoming one-on-one title match against Sasha Banks at SummerSlam.

"My first SummerSlam match was last year, it was a six-women tag match - Nikki Bella's return, which was awesome - but I'm really excited because it's my first big singles match against only one other person, like all of the other- like WrestleMania was a multi-women match," Bliss said. "So, to be able to have a match, one-on-one, at the Barclays Center, I'm super excited, nervous, but excited."

Bliss was then asked about her thoughts on Talking Smack and how much that helped her character develop on-screen. Although popular with fans, the show was cancelled in mid-July as a weekly post-show for SmackDown. Along with Bliss, many Superstars - including The Miz - were able to display their talents with many memorable segments. Bliss loved the show and felt like it was a great place for those who may not have received talking time during SmackDown.

"Talking Smack was amazing," Bliss responded. "It allowed me to develop my character, in ways that if not given the opportunity on TV, sometimes you're not scheduled to talk on TV, you're not scheduled for a match, but with Talking Smack you got that platform to really voice your opinion, to really voice why you do the things you do in your matches and really develop and hone in on your character. It was awesome, I loved it. I definitely benefited a lot from Talking Smack. I think my character probably wouldn't be in the position it is in without Talking Smack, because I was on it so much and I made the joke, it should be called Talking Bliss."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Between the Ropes with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.


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